CGP Grey and Myke Hurley are both independent content creators. Each episode, they get together to discuss their working lives. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley.

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episode 154: Workplace Therapy With Grey

Myke has new frustrations with his email, notifications, and calendar, but fortunately, therapist Grey is on hand to offer advice.



episode 153: What Even Is an Office?

Can the Vision Pro deceive Grey's perception of temperature? Does Myke truly need an office separate from his home? And how quickly after waking do Myke and Grey check their phones?


 March 22, 2024  1h18m

episode 152: Apple Vision Pro: The Future is Here

Grey and Myke each have an Apple Vision Pro. Can they get their work done with it? What does the future look like? And more importantly, how do you even begin to describe the experience?


 February 8, 2024  1h13m

episode 151: The Second Best Time is Now

Grey is eager to learn about Myke's experience at school. Myke reviews his annual time tracking data to observe changes and trends. They also settle a wager, and surprisingly, discuss the new Tinder-like feature in Slack.


 January 16, 2024  1h41m

episode 150: 2024 Yearly Themes

Each year, Grey and Myke establish a Yearly Theme to guide their personal and professional lives. In this episode, they review their Yearly Themes for 2023 and look ahead to 2024.


 December 15, 2023  2h17m

episode 149: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Grey and Myke explore the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' video: delving into the reaction, the post-release analytics, Obsidian's crucial role in making the obscenely complex pathways, and what a 'draw' means.


 November 20, 2023  1h28m

episode 148: State of the Apps 2024

Grey and Myke discuss the apps essential to their workflow over the past year. They showcase the tools that are pivotal for their productivity. They offer insights, share their favorites, and grant listeners an exclusive view of their varied home screens.


 October 27, 2023  3h12m

episode 147: Stacked September

Grey has found a fellow Greycation enthusiast. Also, there are new iPhones and Apple Watches, offering more discussion topics than anticipated. A conversation about browser tabs takes place, and Myke is grappling with 'The Fear'.


 September 19, 2023  1h44m

episode 146: Unusually Spiky

Grey reflects on his recent Greycation while grappling with chaos. Myke is keen to explore a major update to Grey's mailing list. Additionally, they discuss how to determine if a change in business is critical.


 September 5, 2023  1h27m

episode 145: Problems Are Meant To Be Solved

Grey is in conflict with a thermostat, while Myke has finished his assignment on Mood Tracking. Myke discusses the challenge of juggling the workloads of two businesses, and your hosts take you behind the scenes of a Cortex Brand meeting


 August 22, 2023  1h43m