CGP Grey and Myke Hurley are both independent content creators. Each episode, they get together to discuss their working lives. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley.

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episode 137: A Barometer of Twitter

Grey is focusing on health, Myke has left Twitter, and they've both used ChatGPT.



episode 136: 2023 Yearly Themes

Grey had an unexpected year, Myke has been making progress, and they both share their Yearly Themes for 2023.


 2022-12-09  2h19m

episode 135: State of the Apps 2023

Grey is going deep on Focus Modes, Myke will not switch, and they both share the apps and services they have been using most over the past year.


 2022-11-15  3h22m

episode 134: AI Art Will Make Marionettes Of Us All Before It Destroys The World

Grey has seen some things he wished he hadn't, Myke tries to work out his alignment, and they both have a lot more to say on AI Art.


 2022-10-19  1h55m

episode 133: The Ethics of AI Art

Grey explores collaboration again, Myke is getting ready for the Podcastathon. and they both discuss the ethics of AI art.


 2022-09-05  1h41m

episode 132: The Actual Mind of the Algorithm

Grey released his new video, Myke has collaboration questions, and they both dig in to what upload gaps can mean for content creators.


 2022-08-18  1h37m

episode 131: A Truly Epic Sense of Denial

Grey had COVID, Myke had COVID, and they both share how this has changed their plans for the year.


 2022-07-31  1h18m

episode 130: The Crushing Unfairness

Grey has requests, Myke has COVID, and they both talk about their favourite things from WWDC 2022.


 2022-06-13  1h42m

episode 129: The Wrong Kind of Munching

Grey is obsessed with City Stuff, Myke is struggling with 'Corporate Speak', and they both consider switching jobs.


 2022-05-24  1h30m

episode 128: Turn Left at the Big Tree!

Grey is struggling with mail, Myke is struggling to understand the top 1000, and they both discuss the 'YouTube Shorts' format.


 2022-04-27  1h24m