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Interview on A World That Might Just Work with Terrence McNally

This week, I sat down for an interview (MP3) with Terrence McNally for his World That Just Might Work show to talk about information politics, science fiction, oligarchy, resistance, and hope!


 2019-01-25  n/a

Video from the launch of the EFF/McSweeney’s “End of Trust” project launch with Cindy Cohn, Annalee Newitz, and me!

The End of Trust is the first-ever nonfiction issue of McSweeney’s, co-edited by McSweeney’s editors and the staff of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; on December 11, we held a sold-out launch event in San Francisco with EFF executive direc


 2018-12-31  n/a

Christmas podcast with Poesy, 2018 edition

An annual tradition (MP3)! Poesy is now 10 — nearly 11! — and this year, she’s decided to offer us a detailed makeup tutorial, with some bonus horseback riding advice. There’s even a musical number! MP3


 2018-12-24  n/a

Podcast: “Sole and Despotic Dominion” and “What is the Internet For?”

Here’s my reading (MP3) of my Locus column, “What is the Internet For?” (which asks, “Is the internet a revolutionary technology?”) and my short story for the fiftieth anniversary of Reason Magazine, Sole and Despotic Dominio


 2018-12-16  n/a

Talking dystopia, utopia, science fiction and theories of change on the Netzpolitik podcast

When I was in Berlin last month, I stopped into the offices of Netzpolitik (previously), the outstanding German digital rights activist group, where I recorded an interview for their podcast (MP3), talking about science fiction, utopianism, dystopianism,


 2018-12-15  n/a

Talking about the DMCA and 20 years of tech law malpractice on PRI’s Marketplace

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act — tech’s stupidest law — turns 20 this year; I chatted with Molly Wood on Marketplace Tech about the law’s history and how dismally little we’ve learned from it, repeating and even magnify


 2018-11-08  n/a

Talking about Ron Howard’s Haunted Mansion album with the Comedy on Vinyl podcast

It’s been two years since I last sat down with Jason Klamm for his Comedy on Vinyl podcast (we were discussing Allan Sherman’s My Son, The Nut); we were past due for a rematch. Jason asked me to come on one more time (MP3) to discuss the Disne


 2018-10-02  n/a

Podcast: Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back.

Here’s my reading (MP3) of Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back, written for EFF Deeplinks on the morning of the EU’s catastrophic decision to vote in the new Copyright Directive with all its worst clauses intact. MP3


 2018-09-18  n/a

Interview with EdSurge about educational technology, school surveillance, open access, and radical pedagogy

At this year’s World Science Fiction, Tina Nazerian from EdSurge interviewed me (MP3) for a podcast about the future of educational technology, open access, surveillance in schools, and educational freedom.


 2018-09-04  n/a

Interview with Fringe FM on Surveillance Capitalism, Big Tech and the future of the internet

While at the World Science Fiction Convention, I sat down with Matt Ward from the FringeFM podcast for an interview (MP3) about the future of the internet, and how Shoshanna Zuboff’s notion of surveillance capitalism connects up with mass inequality


 2018-09-04  n/a