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Unite the Pro-Party Wing to Revolutionize the DSA!!

Shuvu Bhattarai of the Marxist Unity Group outlines an overview of the recent history of DSA and finds a demarcation between pro-party and anti-party tendencies, calling on those sympathetic to the former to join the fight for a mass socialist party...


 2023-03-27  1h42m

Marxist approaches to International Law with Robert Knox

Anton joins for a discussion of Marxist approaches to law, with a focus on international law. We discuss critical legal studies, international law and how it compares to other branches of law, its origins and how it has evolved through the years...


 2023-03-20  1h58m

Why Socialists Must Reject the Yimby-Nimby Binary

Harry Zehner analyzes the discourse and politics of the YIMBY-NIMBY divide and argues that socialists should reject this binary entirely. Read By: Aliyah Intro Music: ворожное озеро Гроза vwqp remix Outro Music: We are Friends...


 2023-03-17  32m

The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Rudy, Carson, Eric and Rob sit down to talk about the only socialist state in the Arab peninsula, and arguably in the Arab world: The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, also known as South Yemen. We discuss its origins, the struggles of the left...


 2023-03-09  1h21m

The Problem of Unity

A Comparative Analysis


 2023-03-06  51m

Montreal is an Island: 1968 and the Black International Left with David Austin

Isaac and Jackson join David Austin, author of Fear of a Black Nation and Dread Poetry and Freedom: Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution, for a discussion of the Afro-Caribbean diasporic left, focusing on Montreal in the late 60s. They...


 2023-02-27  1h7m

Runaways, Vigilance Committees, and the Rise of Revolutionary Abolitionism, 1835-61 with Jesse Olsavsky

Cliff and Isaac join Jesse Olsavsky, author of , for a discussion on his book on the early abolitionist movement. They discuss the textbook history of abolition, and how this masks the role of runaways and other radicals substituting them for a white...


 2023-02-20  1h27m

Naming The System

Means as ends Socialism and the Importance of Alternative Political Culture and Program


 2023-02-17  31m

The Hungarian Tragedy of '56: Origins, Events and Consequences

James, Cliff, Chas and Rudy join for a discussion on the events that take place in Hungary in 1956. We discuss the origins of the revolt, talking about the short lived Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, the People's Democracy period under Rakosi, the...


 2023-02-09  1h57m

To Talk of Organization - On Nunes' Neither Vertical nor Horizontal

Alex James reviews Rodrigo Nunes’ latest book Neither Vertical nor Horizontal, finding a refreshing new vocabulary for talking about organization that raises difficult questions rather than providing simple answers. Narrated by Aliyah Intro...


 2023-02-06  39m