In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.

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Ep 15 of 15: Serious

Delia finds herself confronting a state governing board head-on at one of their meetings. Everything about the integrity of Desoto County and FDLE's handling of the John Welles case comes into question and the pressure of the CounterClock investigation builds to a breaking point. Plus, a special finale call out for listeners to keep the momentum going.



Ep 14 of 15: Statistics

The cleanliness of John's revolver brings into question whether it was ever the murder weapon at all. Delia uncovers data from the 12th District Medical Examiner's office that raises concern about the number of undetermined deaths recorded the same year John's manner of death was changed.



Ep 13 of 15: Similarity

Delia discovers another .22 Magnum Ruger single-action six shot revolver loaded with 17 caliber ammunition was present on the Southeast Hansel property the day of John's murder. What happened to this revolver after John died? That's the million-dollar question that Delia tries to get to the bottom of. Plus, what a former DNA forensics lab that worked on the John Welles case says could be done to gather more information thanks to new advancements.



Ep 12 of 15: Science

Delia brings in a forensic pathologist and a firearms reconstruction expert to evaluate the accidental shooting theory in the John Welles case. After months of testing, the group goes over their findings and the results are eye-opening.



Ep 11 of 15: Switch

14 years after John's murder, one Desoto County detective establishes a new theory about the case that does not line up with the evidence. Delia investigates how the information made its way to higher powers in the ME's office.



Ep 10 of 15: Security

Delia takes a step back to consider all of the suspects known in the case and evaluate law enforcement's handling of the investigation after 2006. She and associate producer David Payne venture back out to SE Hansel Avenue to continue working the case only to find themselves face-to-face with Desoto County deputies and subjects of a 911 call.



Ep 9 of 15: Sketch

Three years after John's murder a lead emerges thanks to a teenage domestic violence survivor coming forward. Delia learns that investigators looked into the lead but never really chased the guy down. Delia follows up and finds the man, who's now a convicted criminal serving time in a Florida state prison.



Ep 8 of 15: Swindled

Delia investigates how a bitter land dispute and missing will could have been the motive for the people close to John to want him out of the equation.



Ep 7 of 15: Sweetheart

Forensic results from FDLE are in and they create more questions than answers in the case. Delia tracks down Skip's former fiancé who reveals an interesting take on the crime and the love of her life.



Ep 6 of 15: Suspicions

Each primary witness’s story comes under the microscope as they recreate their version of events at the crime scene a week after John’s death. Delia investigates inconsistencies in Pat and Skip’s behaviors and examines their actions on the day of the crime. A second autopsy comes into play and tension builds at John's funeral.