Counting Countries

With a membership of only around 100, it’s one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth. In fact, more people have been to outer space than have earned their way into this, the ultimate travel club. According to the United Nations there are 193 sovereign nations in the world. Welcome to the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to them all. Welcome, to Counting Countries. With your host, Ric Gazarian.

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Special Report - Turmoil In The Travel Community - The William Baekeland Controversy

William Baekeland, a former guest, on Counting Countries is allegedly Jesse Simon Gordon. The travel community is alleging malfeasance on William’s part. William has been accused of being a con man who has been preying on members of the travel community


 2017-12-07  2h35m

episode 1: Harry Mitsidis - 193 countries… and repeating!

Harry Mitsidis has traveled to all 193 countries in the world. He enjoyed it so much, he’s two thirds of the way of repeating this quest for a second time!


 2016-06-06  1h6m

episode 2: Mike Spencer Bown - 193 countries

Mike is a true traveler and explorer, who over a twenty plus year time period has traveled to every country in the world. Mike shared with me some incredible travel tales, including a road trip with a nun in a war-torn, African country.


 2016-06-13  1h12m

episode 3: Samu Viljanen - 193 countries!

Samu before the age of 40 had traveled to all 193 countries on earth. And in one fell swoop, traveled to all 53 countries in Africa.


 2016-06-17  46m

episode 4: Gunnar Garfors - 193 countries ... And World Record Holder!

Gunnar Garfors is the youngest hobby traveler who has traveled to all 193 countries while still being employed full time.


 2016-06-27  1h6m

episode 5: Erick Prince - 88 countries … and on his way to 198!

Erick Prince overcame challenges as a youth and changed his life perspective through global travel.


 2016-07-11  1h1m

episode 6: Anthony Asael - 193 countries … and taught children in every country!

Anthony accomplished the amazing goal of traveling to every country in the world, but even more impressive, he taught children in all 193 countries of the world.


 2016-07-18  1h16m

episode 7: Henrik Jeppesen - 193 countries … at age 27!

Henrik Jeppesen completed his quest of traveling to every country in the world at the age of 27. Henrik was laser focused on completing his goal at all cost.


 2016-07-26  1h52m

episode 8: April Peregrino - 84 countries … and closing in on 100!

April is approaching her century mark and is on a quest to travel to every country in the world!


 2016-08-02  57m

episode 9: Markus Lundgren - 193 countries … and then some!

Markus is a Swedish diplomat who has traveled to every country in the world and now is focussing on the Travelers’ Century Club which divides the world into 325 places.


 2016-08-09  1h2m