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Nerd culture podcast that aims to bring out the inner nerd in all of us! Celebrate your inner nerd by uncovering books, video games and comic book gems from the past and present and analyzing them from a nerd perspective.

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episode 12: Word Nerd

Today I will be a bit of a word nerd, then we take a look at a beautiful CCG based in Middle Earth, lastly we will look at the comic book Invincible. ----more---- Word Nerd George Orwell put the point simply: “If thought corrupts language, language can a...


 2018-03-12  17m

episode 11: Are you being authentic?

Today we will discuss are you being authentic? Then the fun you can have with your Alexa. A great movie podcast that you can use to impress your friends with little known facts finally a comic book that will make you wonder. This episode is jam packed so...


 2018-02-26  13m

episode 10: Comic artist Bob Hall interview

I was at the Behind the Glass Comic Art Gallery event and had the honor to interview Bob Hall.  He has worked for Marvel, DC and Valiant during the 70's 80' and 90's. I really enjoyed our brief conversation, I hope you like it too.  If you like it please...


 2018-02-09  29m

 2018-02-08  0m

episode 8: Your Why

Today we will discuss your why, then more Tolkien talk and finally a podcast I think you will enjoy. Plus stick around at the end for a giveaway.  ----more---- What is your why? Why do you work where you work? Why do you live where you live? Why do you e...


 2018-01-09  18m

episode 7: The Soul of Sauron

Today we will look at Tolkiens villain Sauron and then a comic book called I kill giants, finally we will look a great free audio book app. Plus stick around for the giveaway you can win.  ----more---- Soul of Sauron: Is anyone beyond redemption? That’s ...


 2017-12-26  13m

episode 6: You never forget your first... comic books

Today we will be talking about your first comic books, next an amazing book called the inevitable and lastly a great e-reader app. Lets dive right in. ----more---- You never forget your first... comic books We always remember ours firsts:First date, Firs...


 2017-12-13  20m

episode 5: Parallel Movie review

The movie Parallel is an interesting and psychological concept. If you ever wondered how would my life have diverted if I would have made a different choice on my job or partner or other decisions? This movie tries to answer that question. ----more---- I...


 2017-11-28  7m

episode 4: What you need to know about Thanos and the Infinity Gems

 Imagine with me for a moment anything you wish to be you are… anything you wish is…nothing in this universe dares challenge that claim, there can be only one word to describe you GOD  ----more---- That’s what I want to talk about today is marvels Infini...


 2017-11-16  20m

episode 3: Nerd Awkwardness

Do nerds feel more or less awkward now than they did 10 years ago?  Today we explore the way nerds feel in society today compared to years past.  Do you sometimes feel awkward around a certain group of people?  Take a listen and see if you can relate.  I...


 2017-10-23  11m