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WITH INTEREST podcast brings you unrivalled commentary and thought leadership for businesses, accounting and finance professionals. Each week, we share expert industry opinions, insights and resources across accounting, public practice, taxation, auditing, finance, strategy, leadership, economic and business-related issues. Subscribe today to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes. WITH INTEREST is presented by CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, with core services that include education, training, technical support and advocacy. In 2018, CPA Australia won an Award of Excellence at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards in the category of 'Podcasts - General-Corporation/Business'. ---------------------------------------------------- CPA Australia publishes three podcasts: - WITH INTEREST - INTHEBLACK - EXCEL TIPS To find out more about our podcasts, visit https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/tools-and-resources/podcasts - or search for the shows in your podcast service. To contact the podcast team email us at podcasts@cpaaustralia.com.au.


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New climate policies in 2023 (and upcoming changes) analysed

Today’s episode looks at the Federal Government’s commitments on environmental policy, and what they mean for business in Australia. This includes climate-related disclosures, new emissions limits, net zero, greenwashing, costs to businesses, just...



What will happen in 2023? Expert forecast for business

In this first episode of 2023, we forecast what’s in store for business this year. Specifically, we focus on key areas such as economic growth, the labour force, inflation, and interest rates. To discuss this is our guest expert Gavan Ord, Senior...



CPA Australia podcast update

In 2023, The CPA Australia Podcast is changing it's name to WITH INTEREST. The WITH INTEREST podcast brings you unrivalled commentary and thought leadership for businesses, accounting and finance professionals. Each week, we share expert industry...



Unlock summer job market tips and trends

In this episode, we examine the summer employment market.  We look at what jobseekers, recruiters and employers need to know, including those in the accounting and finance industries.  We also explore job ads, wages growth, and WFH home...


 2022-12-05  21m

Financial data simplified

In this episode, tech evangelist Doug Boyd from Data reFactory delves into different aspects of financial data.  He simplifies what it is and how financial data can be combined with other data to provide meaningful information and business...


 2022-12-01  25m

How accountants can support your drought strategy

In this episode, we look at the risks and approaches to drought planning, preparedness and recovery and the role that accountants can play in this cycle. To help explore this topic is our guest expert Courtney Bryant, Assistant Secretary from the...


 2022-11-29  19m

Know what Labor’s proposed IR reforms mean for you

In this episode, we examine Labor’s proposed industrial relations reforms, currently before Parliament.  What will change for business, who might be impacted, and when could this happen?  To help answer these questions is our guest expert...


 2022-11-21  19m

COP27: your 20-minute explainer

In this episode, COP27 (the United Nations Climate Change conference of the Parties) is explained by CPA Australia’s Senior Manager of Environmental, Social and Governance Policy.  From what’s on the agenda to Australia’s participation and...


 2022-11-15  22m

What disaster relief is there for small business

In this episode, we discuss the support available to small businesses following a severe storm, flood, bushfire, earthquake, or landslide. Specifically, we highlight the not-for-profit Small Business Debt Helpline and how it can help small business...


 2022-11-07  22m

Excel tips: how to unleash the power of PivotTables

PivotTables allow you to create reports without using a single formula. The standard calculation for a PivotTable is SUM. 


 2022-11-02  14m