Crafts and people

Why would you leave your corporate job and start working with your hands? In this series, I'll talk to people who took this step and find out what made them take this decision, how they tick, what do they love about their new life, and how do they make a living out of it. Yes, on this podcast, we'll talk about money, and try to be as honest as possible. See the works of my guests at @craftspod on Instagram

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episode 7: Kokedamas on flea markets: can you get any more Millennial?

Welcome to episode 7, where we talk with Mar, who came to Berlin all the way from Maljorka, to try living in a big city. At the start of the pandemic, she tried making kokedamas ‒ then one thing led to another, and she started selling them on the city’s flea markets. She’s tried two so far- and told me all about it.

Mar’s Instagram: @koked.amar

My instagram: @craftspod



Opening Berlin’s first Italian pastry shop

Giorgio, the owner of @giomeccapastry, who came to Berlin from Italy just for its nightclubs, but ended up opening one of the city’s first Italian pastry shops. We talk about becoming a pastry chef, renting a shop in Berlin, and Germany’s terrible eggs.

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episode 5: Mad as a hatter: Tatiana on modern millinery

Tatiana moved from Moscow to the UK and then to Berlin ‒ and now has her own brand of accessories and hats called “Beretkah”, which started with odd bits of unneeded fabric, and is now worn by brides and TV stars all over Europe.

Check her and other guests on Instagram at @craftspod

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 2020-09-22  23m

From big fashion to a small bridal brand

Maki has worked as a professional tailor her while life. Eventually, she got tired of the big fashion and moved to Berlin to create her own brand of wedding dresses. We talked about moving from Japan to the UK and then to Germany, and about the challenges of making fashion sustainable.

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 2020-09-07  23m

Moving to Berlin to become a lino printer

Bill lived in London and worked in a hospital administration. Eventually, he started lino printing in his free time, and then moved to Berlin to be with his boyfriend. We talked about explicit prints, instagram, moving to a new country, and why pet portraits are a good idea to make some money.

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 2020-07-07  21m

Where do jewelers come from?

Anna worked as a TV and movie prop maker, and never planned to become a goldsmith. Katya was disappointed with her office work, and wanted to feel in control of something in time of a political turmoil. Both of them ended up designing jewelry. They live in Moscow and in Berlin, and I’ve talked to them over the internet, since the lockdown doesn’t allow for personal meetings anyway.
You can see the works of Anna on her website https://www.metalatelier...


 2020-05-03  35m

From Journalism to Woodworking

How do you become a woodworker, and what are your options to earn with it? And what stops women from working with power tools? Anna Lisa, who designs furniture and jewelry, and teaches woodworking in Berlin, tells the story of how she became a woodworker after a successful career in journalism in her native Estonia.

You can connect with Anna Liisa on her website
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 2020-04-07  21m
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