Crazy Good Turns

We celebrate people who do crazy good turns for others. New episodes are released every other Tuesday morning.

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episode 8: The Power of Mission: Why 88-year-old Florence Phillips Won’t Slow Down

Phillips, an 88-year-old woman living in Reno, Nevada, is also the founder of ESL In-Home of Northern Nevada. Here’s why she feels like she’s in her 40s.


 2019-10-07  24m

episode 7: ‘Partners’ Changing Health Worldwide: Ophelia Dahl and Paul Farmer

The founders of Partners in Health share how they’ve brought needed healthcare to more than four million patients around the globe.


 2019-09-03  37m

episode 6: Radical Creativity, Problem-Solving, and Helping Nonprofits Do More: NPX Advisors

Imagine losing money for getting better at your job. That’s the insane reality for many nonprofits. Lindsay Beck and Catarina Schwab want to change it


 2019-08-05  34m

episode 5: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk and Thinking Much Bigger: Dan Pallotta

First, Pallotta raised millions to fight cancer and AIDS by inventing multi-day fundraisers. Now he’s out to change everything you think about charity -- and yourself.


 2019-07-08  29m

episode 4: "Commit and Figure It Out" - How to Overcome the Impossible - Mick Ebeling and Daniel Belquer of Not Impossible Labs

Mick Ebeling and Daniel Belquer are helping the deaf hear music. Not Impossible Labs built limbs for amputees in warzones. That's just the beginning...


 2019-06-02  36m

episode 3: Giving Sight to the Blind, Helping You Discover Your Purpose: Jordan Kassalow and VisionSpring

Vision isn’t just sight. It’s opportunity. VisionSpring brings it to millions around the globe each year. It started with Kassalow’s personal transformation -- one that may help you see your own mission in life.


 2019-05-04  30m

episode 2: Radical Generosity: A New Way to Look at Work and Money

Hear how April Tam Smith and Graham Smith, the founders of Times Square Restaurant P.S. Kitchen, are giving their lives away together.


 2019-04-07  22m

episode 1: How to Transform a Life: Edward Bailey and No Longer Bound

Bailey and No Longer Bound help men break the chains of addiction. They’re 2X as effective as traditional rehab. But first, Bailey had to break free of his own.


 2019-03-03  22m

episode 26: Nancy Lublin: Saving Lives With Text Messages

In a time of crisis, would you text someone for help? Millions turn to Crisis Text Line and find life-saving support. Founder and CEO Lublin explains why.


 2018-12-18  31m

episode 25: The Cafe That Keeps Kids Out of Jail

Most juvenile offenders end up back in prison -- but not at Curt’s Cafe, a coffee shop offers a path to a better life. It could save taxpayers billions.


 2018-12-04  32m