Crazy Good Turns

We celebrate people who do crazy good turns for others. New episodes are released every other Tuesday morning.

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episode 15: A House Like No Other

It’s dark, late, and cold. Of course it’s cold. This is Alaska and it’s the middle of winter. The evening temperatures are more than 30 degrees below zero—and dropping. And the boy was going outside to sleep in a car. That scene is what broke...


 2017-09-12  22m

episode 14: Pouring it Forward

Most developmentally disabled people are unemployed. A North Carolina mom set out to solve that—and wound up creating a coffee shop that serves up joy every day.


 2017-08-27  22m

episode 13: The Life Mechanic

Your car isn't just a way to go from one place to another. It symbolizes staying on the road to success. The Lift Garage is a nonprofit aimed to move people out of poverty and homelessness by providing low-cost car repair, free pre-purchase car...


 2017-08-19  20m

episode 12: Bringing Joy to the Kids -- Camp Sunshine

Be inspired and learn powerful life lessons from a camp that provides support and great memories for kids with cancer and their families.


 2017-08-08  19m

episode 11: The "Love Heals" Method -- Thistle Farms

For many women with a history of sex trafficking, prostitution or addiction, hope can be hard to find. But Thistle Farms is using love to help empower, reinvent, and employ women around the world.


 2017-07-28  21m

S02 Episode 10: Angels Foster

The elation, the painful setbacks, the paperwork...but most of all, the unconditional love and hope for a child's future. 


 2017-05-26  25m

S02 Episode 9: A Sense of Home

Young adults who age out of the foster system often bring with them a lifetime of trauma. One organization is determined to make them feel at home.


 2017-05-15  24m

S02 Episode 8: Homeboy Industries

After burying a growing number of young people killed by gang violence, a Jesuit Priest took matters into his own hands.


 2017-04-30  22m

S02 Episode 7: Love Beyond Walls

By breaking down walls, we can give a voice to the voiceless and inspire redemption and hope.


 2017-04-16  21m

S02 Episode 6: Purposity

Connecting the dots with a text. Learn how one young entrepreneur is leveraging technology and human kindness to create an army of philanthropists. 


 2017-04-02  16m