Welcome to the #CreateYourEarthLife Christian Podcast: From me, me, me to Christianity! This podcast converted with me when I was saved by Jesus. It went from new age spiritual education to the focus being solely on Jesus and how we can all grow closer to Him. Some episodes are solo hosted by me, Jenasa Prudhomme, and some episodes include guests who share their testimony of how Jesus changed their life. If you are interested in sharing your testimony on the podcast, contact me through my website http://www.createyourearthlife.com. If you are looking to grow you faith even deeper, here is a FREE Bearing Fruits Prayer Journal for YOU: https://createyourearthlife.ck.page/8a064c52ef I share occasional entrepreneur tips to help YOU grow your ministry and/or business! I have spent the past two years growing an online ministry and business by starting and growing a podcast, blog, and social media pages. I have done endless hours of research, joined many free classes, and hired coaches to help me grow my online business. With the knowledge I have gathered, I wrote an eBook called Faith Based Entrepreneurship which is all about equipping you on the online space...


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episode 16: #104- My Testimony: Jesus saved me from the New Age

Hey all!! I felt it strong on my heart to share my testimony again. If you haven't shared a testimony before, then you may not know that it can be very chaotic in your mind. A testimony is basically sharing your whole life before Jesus, when Jesus saved you, then some of what has changed after. Your life involves so many different parts, so when you share your testimony, it may sound different each time...


 2021-12-12  25m

episode 15: #103- Seek God for Your Needs to be Met

Hey all! Thank you so much for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast! On this podcast episode we are going to be talking about how to get our needs met....


 2021-11-29  7m

episode 14: #102- Faith Based Entrepreneurship/Tips on Launching a Product

Hey all! Thanks so much for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast!! Here is a little bonus 2 part episode! The first part of this episode I will be discussing an eBook I will be launching FRIDAY (tomorrow)!!! The second half of this episode is sharing tips on how to launch a product (what I have learned and been doing!)! I pray this helps you!This episode includes:First half of the podcast:What the Faith Based Entrepreneurship eBook is all aboutWhy you should start a BlogDaily Tasks...


 2021-11-25  23m

episode 13: #101- Giving Thanks During Hard Times

Hey all! Thanks for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast! I am so grateful for every single one of you!! On this episode we are going to be discussing giving thanks even during hard times...


 2021-11-22  11m

episode 12: #100- Feeling Discouraged? Testimony of God Answering my Prayer (Part 2)

Hey all! Thank you so much for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast! On this podcast episode I am going to continue sharing my testimony of how God answered my prayer... this is where I share insights from my Christian therapist. I will be covering idols, God's plan, and hopeful Bible stories!A breakdown of this episode:Reflection Questions: If God took away something you have worked for or your are currently working hard for.....


 2021-11-15  13m

episode 11: #99- Feeling Discouraged? Testimony of God Answering my Prayer (Part 1)

Hey all! Thank you so much for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast! On this episode I will be sharing a testimony of how God spoke to me this week, and He answered my prayer. This kind of goes along with last weeks episode, "How God Speaks to Us"...


 2021-11-08  10m

episode 10: #98- How God Speaks to Us

Hey all! Thanks for listening to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast! I pray God speaks to you through this podcast and helps you get closer to Jesus! On this podcast episode we are going to be talking about "How God Speaks to Us"!I saw a meme the other day of Homer Simpson looking at the Bible and saying something like, "How did God speak to us back in the day before the Bible?" Though, I think the meme may have been mocking Christian's....


 2021-11-01  18m

episode 9: #97- Christian Vs. Christ Follower (Bible Study)

Hey all!! I am so happy you are here! May the Lord speak to you today through this podcast episode!Today we are going to be discussing Christian vs. Christ follower. Now, of course, when you are a Christ follower, you also hold the title Christian. What I am discussing today is people who identify as Christian's because of their upbringing, their family, or their schooling as a child but they have not actually been reborn...


 2021-10-25  11m

episode 8: #96- End Times

Hey all! I have been a little MIA the past few months and have missed you all! Thank you so much for over 5,500 downloads. God is doing work even while I am silent and in a space of stillness. Almost every single state in America has listened to the #CreateYourEarthLife podcast. I believe the only state that has not listened to the podcast was Montana....


 2021-10-18  32m

episode 7: #95- A Bible Study for People in Distressed (Psalm 42)

Today we are doing a Bible study for people who are in distress. We are going to be reading Psalm 42. I want to be honest with you all, this week I have been struggling. I have not been my bubbly self. The enemy has definitely brought some confusion into my life. So today, we are going to be focusing on God's word! I pray this helps you!http://www.createyourearthlife.com


 2021-06-11  0m