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Back To Court after COVID-19: Uncertainty and a Back Seat for Malpractice Cases

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the legal system since the pandemic interrupted normal operations in Spring of 2020. In Massachusetts, trials were suspended, and all non-emergency court business stopped. Hint: medical malpractice cases have lower priority than their criminal counterparts.



New Age of 45 for General Colorectal CA Screening

Lowering the age for asymptomatic colon cancer screening from 50 to 45 suggests some important changes for physician practices.


 2021-07-26  16m

Newborn Body Cooling Safety and Efficacy Moves Forward

CRICO funds work to make therapeutic hypothermia more reliable and maximize its effectiveness.


 2021-06-30  7m

Lowering the Risk of Moving Patients to a Different Hospital

Until recently, inter-hospital transfer has been under-appreciated as a patient safety risk.


 2021-06-02  6m

Cures Act Opens Clinical Notes to Patients

New federal law gives patients access to almost everything in their medical record, including clinical notes.


 2021-04-28  8m

Help For Optimizing Care and Preventing Risk With Virtual Visits

A new guide to help reduce risk when providing care in the virtual setting is now free online.


 2021-03-30  16m

Hospital Fights to Head off Care Disparities During Pandemic

For vulnerable and under-served communities, patient safety and quality care were at added risk from the COVID-19 pandemic.


 2021-02-26  14m

The Earlier the Better: More MedMal Insurers Offer Real-Time Support After Patient Harm

More MedMal Insurers Offer Real-Time Support After Patient Harm


 2021-01-29  13m

The Pain and Reward of Delivering Palliative Care During COVID-19

Excellent palliative care is inherently challenging; pandemic conditions make it harder


 2020-12-18  18m

Word to the Wise: Misuse of Language in Clinical Communication Causes Harm

In medicine, the misuse of language can have serious clinical consequences.


 2020-11-24  13m