Crimeatorium strives to cover lesser known true crime cases involving murder, domestic abuse, child neglect, missing persons and more.

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episode 29: Death Row Series | The Sad Case of Faith and Liberty Battaglia

On May 2nd, 2001, Mary Jean Pearle dropped her two daughters, Faith 6, and Liberty 9, off for their weekly visit with their father, even though they didn’t want to go, Wednesday was his visitation night as stated in their divorce decree. Their father, John Battaglia, was a man who had a long list of domestic abuse charges on his record and probably some jail time was looming over him, several days following this visit...



episode 28: Temujin Kensu | Ninja Killer or Innocent Man?

Temujin Kensu was 23 years old, when he was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he could not have committed. The shooting and murder of Scott Macklem occurred on November 5th, 1986 on the campus of St. Clair Community College in Port Huron Michigan. No DNA, hair fibers, murder weapon, or footprints were found on the scene, there was an ammunition box with latent fingerprints on it that didn’t belong to Temujin. Temujin has never owned a shotgun...



episode 27: Jesse Leopold, Alexander Harris and Donna Barnhill Three Families Need Justice and Resolution

This is the story of three young people, one whose life was ended, the other two just vanished, and the families want answers. Listen closely, maybe one of you will realize that you know something, phone numbers will be provided for you to call in with any tips that you might have. There wasn't much information about Donna, however I did want to add the date and year she went missing which was March 18th, 1981. I also wanted to clarify that Anita was her big sister that passed away in 1966...


 2021-08-02  14m

episode 26: The Sad Case of Trisha Anne Autry

Patricia Anne Autry was a precocious redhead, who had an exuberance for life that was demonstrated in the way she worked, loved and played. Patricia, who went by Trisha, was only 15 years old and working on her first novel, when she was ripped out of her loved one’s lives and disposed of, as if her life didn’t matter. Her family was left with devastation and heartache in the wake of her death. This is Trisha Autry’s story. If you can and would like to support the show, go to https://www...


 2021-07-17  13m

episode 25: Death Row Series: Monica and Dominique Frome

On Monday the 22nd of December 1997, a motorist was driving close to Monticello Utah along U.S route 491, when he noticed a white, stuffed bear, lying in the road. He felt something urge him to go back, and quickly turned his car around, assuming it was a lost Christmas present for a nearby child...


 2021-07-06  38m

episode 24: The Sad and Tragic Case of Destiny Norton

Five year old Destiny Norton went outside to play in her yard. She had just taken a bath and was wearing her mother’s black and gray t-shirt and no shoes or socks. She hadn’t been playing long, when 20 year old Craig Gregerson, a neighbor of the Norton's, was alerted by his dog barking prompting him to look out the window, when he did, he saw Destiny playing outside in the adjacent yard. If you can and would like to support the show, go to


 2021-05-03  10m

episode 23: Billy Blankenship | A Life Never Fully Lived

In the early morning hours of November 15th, 1990, Sandy dropped her two children off at Gunter's home like she did every morning. Two year old Billy, looked up at his mom with his big brown eyes looking like he was going to cry. He didn’t want her to leave. Gunter held Billy while Sandy headed out the door to drive to work, she wanted to turn around and go back, but she didn’t. Any and all support is appreciated and keeps the content coming...


 2021-04-19  11m

episode 22: The Twisted Saga of Michelle Dee Gates

In 1980, Michele Dee Gates was 13 years old and living in Oregon when she was suspected of drowning a four year old girl named Ruth Anne O'Neil, known as Ruthie to her family and friends. Because Michele was Ruth Anne’s babysitter and she had taken her for ice cream that day, she was brought in for questioning alone on two separate occasions. Police confronted her on some inconsistent statements she had given, after which, she admitted to drowning little Ruth Anne...


 2021-04-12  16m

episode 21: Alexis Rasmussen | The Babysitter

Like a lot of people her age, sixteen year old Alexis Rasmussen, turned to babysitting to earn money for clothes and hanging out with friends. In September of 2011, she was hired to watch a married couple’s two children while they went out on a date. Plans changed and Alexis didn’t babysit that night. This is Alexis Rasmussen’s story. If you can and would like to support the show, go to


 2021-03-30  20m

episode 20: Phoenix Sinclair | Innocence Failed

Phoenix Sinclair was removed from her parents by CFS when she was just a few days old. Her mother eventually took her back after not returning her from a visit. Time and time again, Phoenix was failed by CPS. This is her story. If you can and would like to support the show, go to Please take a moment to rate and review Crimeatorium via iTunes, the Apple podcast app from your phone, or, thank you...


 2021-03-15  25m