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Conspiratorium Trailer

Conspiratorium translates to a place where conspiracies reside. Cases covered include, but are not limited to, the Illuminati MK Ultra, Sandy Hook, and 9/11. Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I know I do. Episodes will be released biweekly with ...


 2020-10-21  1m

episode 9: Message To My Listeners

If you have a case you would like me to cover or a suggestion for a case, my contact information is below. Thank you! - Madeline All Social Links


 2020-10-13  1m

episode 8: Bonus Minisode - A Psychic, a Secret and a Skeleton

The following tale is a two fold mystery of sorts. It’s certainly a who dunnit and more interestingly, It’s the mystery of what it is that is hardwired into our souls, our dna, our being, that compels us to push ourselves to uncover the truths about thos...


 2020-10-04  9m

episode 7: Gregory Glen Biggs

None of us may ever come face to face with our own capacity for inhumanity unless something completely unexpected were to happen while, say, driving home from a night spent partying with friends. Most of us are not capable of allowing the suffering and e...


 2020-09-28  38m

episode 6: The David Family

Rachel David looked down to the street below as she sat upon the railing of her 11th story hotel suite. Angry onlookers were chanting the word, jump. Every Crimeatorium Link Possible Big thanks goes to Captain Borax for giving me access to such valua...


 2020-09-17  28m

episode 4: The David Family

Rachel David looked down to the street below as she sat upon the railing of her 11th story hotel suite. Angry onlookers were chanting the words jump bitch, jump. Big thanks goes to: Captain Borax for giving me access to...


 2020-09-11  28m

episode 1: Worse Than Fiction: The Easter Sunday Massacre

I have something real special for my listeners, it's an episode from a podcast called Worse Than Fiction and it is a go to favorite of mine. I'm betting that once you listen to it, you'll be hooked too. Enjoy, if that's the right word for it. https://tw...


 2020-08-28  39m

episode 2: Sterling Daniel Koehn - Minisode

The first responder, Toni Freidrich arrived to the apartment of Zachary Koehn and Cheyanne Harris on the afternoon of August 30th, 2017 in response to a 911 call placed by Zachary. Zachary appeared calm in the 911 call, telling the dispatcher he believed...


 2020-08-24  15m

episode 3: 2: Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

On the evening of January 6th, 2007, Channon and Chris met up at the Washington Ridge apartment complex in Knoxville, where Channon’s friend Kara Soward lived. The plan was for them to go to dinner and then to a friend’s party. Chris was late to arrive a...


 2020-08-09  47m

episode 4: 1: Brenda and Erica Lafferty

The line that separates good and evil can become blurred. The results are often deadly. Music: Heavy Heart by Kevin MacLeodLink to donate to The Charley Project:


 2020-07-26  34m