Welcome to Crimetown, a series produced by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier in partnership with Gimlet Media. Each season, we investigate the culture of crime in a different city. In Season 2, Crimetown heads to the heart of the Rust Belt: Detroit, Michigan. From its heyday as Motor City to its rebirth as the Brooklyn of the Midwest, Detroit’s history reflects a series of issues that strike at the heart of American identity: race, poverty, policing, loss of industry, the war on drugs, and our universal desire for a savior. Detroit’s a tough town, and its residents are even tougher. They’ve weathered riots, a drug epidemic, political scandal, and innumerable other hardships, but they’re still here—and they have stories to tell.

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Introducing Mogul

The Crimetown team wanted to introduce you to a new series from Gimlet Media called Mogul, a show we think Crimetown listeners will love.


 2017-07-10  42m

Bonus Episode: The Arrest of Ralph DeMasi

An infamous gangster. The wife and children he left behind. And the innocent man he allegedly gunned down.


 2017-06-04  40m

Bonus Episode: Crimetown Live in Brooklyn

Listen to some of your favorite Crimetown characters swap stories before a live audience.


 2017-05-21  45m

The Crimetown Season One Soundtrack

To celebrate the end of our first season, Crimetown is releasing a soundtrack featuring many of the songs from the show.


 2017-05-18  12m

episode 18: Chapter 18: The Prince of Providence

In the season finale of Crimetown, Buddy Cianci finds himself behind bars. But he’s not finished yet.


 2017-05-08  47m

episode 17: Chapter 17: The Trial of Buddy Cianci

In the wake of an FBI investigation into City Hall, Buddy Cianci must fight for his political future. Is he the Renaissance Mayor—or is he running a criminal organization?


 2017-04-30  32m

episode 16: Chapter 16: Operation Plunder Dome

An unlikely duo—an FBI agent from Mississippi and a businessman from Portugal—join forces to fight corruption in Providence. Will they take down Buddy Cianci?


 2017-04-24  47m

Bonus Episode: The Gangster's Daughter

Growing up, Nicole Ouimette didn’t see much of her father. Then he got out of prison.


 2017-04-16  19m

episode 15: Chapter 15: Family Ties

As Charles “the Ghost” Kennedy’s drug empire starts to crumble, the people close to him suffer the consequences.


 2017-04-10  39m

episode 14: Chapter 14: Renaissance Man

Buddy Cianci left City Hall in disgrace. Is Providence ready to forgive him?


 2017-04-02  36m