Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge. Named a Best Podcast of 2023 by the New York Times. Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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episode 250: Tokyo Joe

Ken Eto worked for the Chicago mafia for over 30 years - the FBI estimated that he made millions of dollars a year for them. But in 1983, the mob turned on him.


 January 5, 2024  46m

episode 249: The Gargoyle Cat, the Taylor Swift Goat, and the Runaway Cow

Stories of animals really going for it.


 December 22, 2023  48m

episode 248: The Questions I’m Asking

Today we meet “Genius Grant” winner Andrea Armstrong. In 2019, she started the Incarceration Transparency Project to identify and make public how many people were dying behind bars in Louisiana. The project also documents conditions inside the state’s prisons and jails – what Andrea Armstrong calls “secretive spaces of confinement.” She’s said: “Too often, the how and why a person in prison dies is kept secret from everyone, including the person’s family."


 December 15, 2023  39m

episode 247: Send Her to the Island

When a young woman showed up at a boarding house in Manhattan, she said her name was Nellie Brown – but that was all she seemed to remember about herself. Soon, people became scared of her. Someone went to the police: "I want you to take her quietly."


 December 8, 2023  32m

episode 246: The Kit

In the early 1970s, Marty Goddard was worried about the high rates of sexual assault in Chicago. She learned from police that evidence from sexual assault cases often wasn’t collected properly — or at all. “They said, ‘We don’t get evidence.’ And this really kicked everything off.”


 December 1, 2023  50m

episode 245: Masterpiece

In the 1950s poodles were all the rage — one tabloid even reported that when a girl “makes the big time she traditionally acquires 3 things — minks, gems, and a poodle.” But one poodle in particular put the breed on the map. His name was Masterpiece… and police in 13 states knew exactly what he looked like.


 November 24, 2023  32m

episode 244: Fine Art and Meat Cleavers

In 1913, museums and art galleries in London received a memo from the police. It told them to be careful when they let in visitors – women might try to attack the art.


 November 17, 2023  55m

episode 243: The Liverpool Exchange

In the 1980s, Liverpool was having what journalists called a heroin epidemic. The chairman of a local organization where people would go for drug counseling told a reporter, “We are on the brink of complete catastrophe.” Then a small group of people decided to try something.


 November 10, 2023  49m

episode 242: Interrogation Room

After a 17-hour-long interrogation, a woman confesses to a murder. But then, evidence surfaces proving that she can’t have actually done it. Today, what can happen in an interrogation room.


 November 3, 2023  55m

episode 241: How to Sell a Haunted House

In 1989, Helen Ackley decided to sell her old Victorian house in Nyack, New York. It didn’t go as planned. The house became the center of a case that’s referred to as “The Ghostbusters ruling.”


 October 27, 2023  34m