Crit Squad

It's probably hard to find sympathy in your hearts for a bunch of career criminals. But c'mon, it's not like you wage slaves are gonna change anything about the world either, right? In this stylized, action-packed, actual-play RPG show, five career criminals wake up in prison with bags on their heads and bombs in their brains. Will they follow orders and do as their told (probably not) or will they get those bombs out of their noggins and go on to Run another day? Realistically, that's a big ol' probably not on that last one too—In fact it's unlikely anyone will survive. But we don't know, because we haven't played it yet! ​ Oh, and, uh...maybe don't listen to this one out loud at work. Or around your kids. Or...y'know...the point is there are lots of swears.

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Ep 52: A Meeting at Old Hans

Trencherman settles into a new direction. Sacha makes a confession. Baldy REALLY jumps into a turkey leg. REM ALTERNIS’ KICKSTARTER: SUPPORT THE SHOW at



Ep 51: The Broken Rule

Sacha is nervous, and then nervous again. Baldy is a voice of reason. Trencherman makes a choice. SUPPORT THE SHOW at Or, support the show by telling a friend! Or! OR! Come say Hi on twitter or facebook @critsquadcast. Or! Visit cri



Ep 50: Like We Always Have

The squad reconnects, but theres no time to catch their breath. They need to get to Europe before their trail burns ahead of them.


 2019-06-21  n/a

Ep 49: There’s Always a Price

The squad puts themselves together after a battle in the underground. Trencherman saves an old friend. Sacha learns a hard truth. Baldy makes a promise.     SUPPORT THE SHOW at Or, support the show by telling a friend! Or!


 2019-06-07  33m

Ep 48: The Commanding Truth

The Squad escapes to Terminal Underground. Someone falls behind. Sacha has a bad day. The group learns something new about an old friend. ———- SUPPORT THE SHOW at Or, support the show by telling a friend! Or! OR! C


 2019-05-25  37m

Ep 47: Canticle for a True Patriot

The squad takes on a run that could free them or get them killed. (But what else is new?). Baldy makes an interesting promise. Trencherman faces a threat from an unlikely source. WE HAVE A PATREON! Folks have asked over the past couple years, and we fina


 2019-05-10  1h29m

Season Three Teaser!

IT. IS. THAT. TIME. Welcome Back Friends, it is SO nice to see you again. Hope you dig the teaser, because we are REALLY excited to return to you with more of the adventures of Sacha, Baldy, Trencherman and the rest of their friends as they FINALLY start


 2019-05-03  3m

Bonus Episode – Year Two Deep Dive!

It’s the last episode of Crit Squad for the year! We’ve been through a lot this year, both in and out of character. Especially during the incredible ‘Trials of Id’ Arc that Austin put together for us to finish off the season. The


 2018-12-21  51m

Bonus Episode – Austin Rusk!

We found an episode we recorded back in March, but never got around to releasing! Austin talks about how he finds his runs, what he does for a living, and how Crit Squad has changed his other RPG gaming experiences. If you want a Crit Squad T-Shirt, now&


 2018-12-09  44m

Bonus Episode – Q&A With the Crit Squad!

Thanks to our awesome listeners who provided questions for this episode! If you want to pick up a T-Shirt, hit up and put in your order before December 14, 2018!


 2018-11-23  1h6m