Critical Q&A

This is the audio version of Chris Shelton's weekly Critical Question and Answer show on his YouTube channel. In this show, Chris answers questions posed by viewers in the comments section of his Q&A videos or sent by email to Questions cover a wide range of topics but tend to focus on Scientology and critical thinking, as well as Chris' personal experiences with and in the Church of Scientology.

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Critical Q&A #320

This week, it’s answers about cult personas, billion year Sea Org contracts, the coverup of Hubbard’s life as told to Scientologists and a lot more. Enjoy! (1) Steve Hassan talks about the cult persona, which is the obedient,


 2021-06-27  43m

Critical Q&A #319

This week, I give a rundown of how soon Scientologists are introduced to the more hardcore stuff, describe a Committee of Evidence, discuss the Key to Life course and a lot more. Enjoy! (1) How long or far enough up The Bridge do you have to go before ...


 2021-06-20  37m

Critical Q&A #318

This week, it’s answers about some really crazy Scientology scriptures, exactly how Miscavige is literally re-writing Scientology to fit his own agenda, what Volunteer Minsters are doing at disaster sites and a lot more. Enjoy!


 2021-06-13  44m

Critical Q&A #317 – Live

This week we did our Critical Q&A show live and I got to answer a steady stream of questions about Scientology, old and new. Enjoy! 


 2021-06-06  1h1m

Critical Q&A #316

Today just for fun I’m posting a bonus Q&A show which features almost nothing but flash answers from one of my viewers, Travis, including a couple of things about Scientology I can almost guarantee you did not know before. Enjoy!


 2021-06-03  38m

Critical Q&A #315

This week it’s answers about Danny Masterson’s possible future in and out of Scientology, my best advice on talking to someone you’re concerned may be in a bad relationship, can Scientology get rid of disconnection and more. Enjoy!


 2021-05-30  53m

Critical Q&A #314

This week, it’s answers about celebrities in Scientology, training levels, whether people deserve to be in cults or not and a lot more. Enjoy! (1) a) Do you think that a homosexual celebrity like Catherine Bell could ever be openly gay and still remain...


 2021-05-23  48m

Critical Q&A #313

This week, it’s a very complete breakdown of Scientology’s The Way to Happiness, and answers on racism and the media, critical thinking in everyday life and a lot more. Enjoy! Bridge video link (1) How important is The Way To Happiness to a full-time S...


 2021-05-09  58m

Critical Q&A #312

This week, it’s answers about recovering from Scientology and past mistakes, how Scientologists think about the numbers, how the OT 3 death trap really works and a lot more. Enjoy! Rachel Bernstein video on learned helplessness  (1) I find it fascinati...


 2021-05-02  51m

Critical Q&A #311

This week, it’s answers about Xenu, Schrödinger’s Jesus, critical thinking and a whole lot more. Enjoy! (1) What if a Sea Org member who is OT3 or higher said in an auditing session that they were Xenu in a past life? What would an auditor do?


 2021-04-25  32m