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Crunchycast Ep. 68 - Fire Emblem, Godzilla, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Welcome to the Crunchycast, this week we've got hot takes and hot mics (sorry about that!) We talk about Nintendo's announcement of over one million new Fire Emblem games and monsters big and small from Godzilla to Dragon maids. Our hosts also...


 2017-01-21  37m

Crunchycast Ep. 67 - The Anime Awards, P.A. Works, Winter Anime Season

In this episode Victoria is joined by none other than our very own Miles. We discuss the results of the Anime Awards as a hot topic and point of controversy(?!) How do you feel about the results? Also discussed is the new season of anime and which...


 2017-01-14  32m

Crunchycast Ep. 66 - Akiba's Trip, The New Year, and Torturing Sims

Reina is off to a bad start this year as she has been sick but her Sims may be worse off under her reign! On a lighter note we started Akiba's Trip and it far surpassed our expectations! All that good stuff, plus answers to your burning questions....


 2017-01-07  29m

Crunchycast Ep. 65 - The Anime Awards, Saint Seiya, Christmas Gifts

In this episode Reina and Victoria discuss Crunchyroll's first ever Anime Awards as well as the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya and the most tweeted animes of 2016! PLUS we destroy the set with christmas gifts that are too big for our tiny studio. All...


 2016-12-24  27m

Crunchycast Ep. 64 - My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Re:Zero

In this episode Reina and Victoria discus their anime of the year choices, Dragon Ball Z fandom, and what shows you should recommend to friends looking to get into anime! Plus we discuss terrible people, are we some of them? YOU be the judge! Choose...


 2016-12-18  31m

Crunchycast Ep. 63 - Yuri!!! On ICE, And Yet the Town Moves, and EVAN!

The infamous Evan Minto of Crunchycast FAME joins Victoria to talk about what he's been up to since he left the show, what anime he has in mind for his 2016 ANIME OF THE YEAR list and what shows he's looking forward to this Winter~ !!! Victoria and...


 2016-12-10  33m

Crunchycast Ep. 62 - Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XV, FINAL FANTASY XV!!

This week, D.J. Kirkland is back to talk about Final Fantasy XV with Victoria! All that good stuff, plus answers to your burning questions. Victoria is posting videos on her YouTube channel. Reina has a YouTube Channel, too! You can find more...


 2016-12-03  33m

Crunchycast Ep. 61 - New Funimation Titles, Final Fantasy XV, and a LIFE-SIZE SNORLAX.

Tiffany joins Victoria and Miles this week to talk about new Funimation titles coming to Crunchyroll, Final Fantasy XV, the upcoming Snow Miku 2017 design, Tiffany’s epic struggle to bring a life-size Snorlax to the United States, and even more...


 2016-11-26  42m

Crunchycast: Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 7, Persona 5, Overwatch, & Universal Japan!

DJ Kirkland joins Reina Scully (@ReinaScully) and Vicrtoria Holden (@sailorbee) to talk about the new, time-limited Evangelion XR ride (Victoria raps about it) and the exclusive Detective Conan Case Closed Escape Game at Universal Japan that Reina...


 2016-11-20  40m

Crunchycast Ep. 59 - Sonic Characters in Yuri On Ice?! & Reina is Back!!!

Reina Scully finally returns from Japan to talk about what Sonic the Hedgehog characters match Yuri!!! on ICE characters; her love of volleyball anime, Haikyu!!; limited edition Hatsune Miku figures; and much more on this week's Crunchycast!  ...


 2016-11-12  51m