Welcome to the official Crunchyroll Podcast, CrunchyCast! Each week, we'll be bringing you the hottest news and perspectives on the world of anime. Join hosts Evan and Victoria as they delve into the best programming the web has to offer, explore pressing questions, and interview the anime community and industry's most compelling personalities.

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Crunchycast Episode 28 – A Big Ol' Bag of Ice

On this week's Crunchycast, Victoria and Evan talk about some of the shows that are on their watch list including Dragon Half and Erased. In the news, they uncover the rumors surrounding a possible TV adaptation of Akira and consider the size of Kamen...


 2016-01-30  22m

Episode 27 – You're My Life-Sized Lum

Victoria and Evan chat about BBK/BRNK, then answer a bunch of fan questions, covering subjects like virtual reality anime, shows that haven't aged well, and the coolest spots to visit in Tokyo. Plus, more dating advice! Show...


 2016-01-23  31m

Episode 26 – How Many "Bo's" in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?

This week Victoria and Evan take a look at the new Winter 2016 season and discuss their favorite first episodes of the newest shows! Evan is looking forward to more ERASED, Victoria doesn't know what she feels about Active Raid and both of them agree...


 2016-01-15  32m

Episode 25 – An Average Human Mother

After a two-week break for the holidays (during which we posted a podcast blooper reel on Crunchyroll and released the Crunchyroll Holiday Special), Victoria and Evan are back in the office to talk about the upcoming anime they're excited about,...


 2016-01-06  32m

Episode 24 – The Best Anime of 2015

This is our last episode of 2015 as Victoria and Evan will be out of the office for the holidays, so the hosts take some time to discuss their favorite anime of the year, including TV series, movies, and more! We asked for listeners to send their own...


 2015-12-17  41m

Episode 23 – I Was Born in the Darkness

This week Victoria and Evan learn the power of anime training via fanservice-y fitness series Anime De Training! Ex and the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, and Evan tries out Samurai Champloo. Plus discussion of Final Fantasy VII, the death of...


 2015-12-11  31m

Episode 22 – Simba is Naruto

In this inadvertently stationery-themed episode, Evan marvels at the impact of a pencil shortage in the anime industry and Victoria discusses the benefits of taking notes while watching anime. Plus the hosts chat about the Samurai Jack sequel, Mr....


 2015-12-08  33m

Episode 21 – Butts off to You

It's a good day for good hips as Evan and Victoria discuss Space Adventure Cobra, the made-up Japanese holiday Good Hips Day, Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie, and the Monogatari series. Then it's question time, and this week our hosts get to...


 2015-11-20  45m

Episode 20 – Who's Your Favorite Matsu?

This week Evan and Victoria talk about Young Black Jack's shirtless, patchwork body, the terrifying harem in Oreshura, online anime petitions, and the ongoing debate over who is Best Matsu. Plus answers to your questions, including our favorite...


 2015-11-14  40m

Episode 19 – My Curry is a Pilot

This week Evan and Victoria discuss sad teenagers in The Anthem of the Heart, Chris Brown's manga-"inspired" album cover, Tales of Zestiria, and the best way to get into older anime. Show Notes Chris Brown's latest album cover is a...


 2015-11-09  41m