First Flight

Join creators Nich, Lucy, Jon and Ali for an actual play podcast with a difference, as they play and develop a brand new RPG system in real time! Listen to the show, read the comic online, and play along at home.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 44m. Bisher sind 73 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 1 hour 29 minutes


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episode 53: Episode 53: Cheltenham Knights - Part 6

After snatching a painful victory from the jaws of an even-more-painful defeat, the Knights venture into the Court of Air for a bureaucratic nightmare…


 2020-06-30  n/a

episode 52: Episode 52: Cheltenham Knights - Part 5

An ill wind blows across Cheltenham, bringing the Knights closer to their third relic and a deadly encounter with the Court of Storms.


 2020-06-16  n/a

episode 51: Episode 51: Cheltenham Knights - Part 4

An encounter with Cheltenham itself sets the Knights in search of a clue. What they didn’t expect to find were rioting locals and a surprise ally…


 2020-06-02  n/a

episode 50: Episode 50: Cheltenham Knights - Part 3

Entrusted with a mystical quest to save Cheltenham, the Knights immediately get down to the matter at hand: breaking and entering.


 2020-05-21  n/a

episode 49: Episode 49: Cheltenham Knights - Part 2

Cesar plays his hand, Kinley takes a stand, and Mark meets some land. The Knights grow closer to unearthing the truth behind their quest to save Cheltenham.


 2020-05-05  n/a

episode 48: Episode 48: Cheltenham Knights - Part 1

Our Urban Shadows adventure begins! Can a wizard, a ghost and a wind spirit preserve the balance of power in Cheltenham?


 2020-04-23  n/a

episode 47: Episode 47: Debriefing

With our latest arc now complete, the crew sit down to discuss their latest adventure - with some surprising digressions around new rules and future campaigns.


 2020-04-16  n/a

episode 46: Episode 46: All That Glitters - Part 7

The exciting conclusion to our latest arc! With the Garden rapidly consuming Sparkle Fury’s casino, can our heroes escape with their lives - and is there still time to make a killing?


 2020-04-07  n/a

episode 45: Episode 45: All That Glitters - Part 6

R’tuar, Capella and Lanette make a desperate bid for freedom as Sparkle Fury’s rage bubbles over - and all while holding a biological nuke in their hands. Simply, right? Thankfully, help may come from an unlikely source…


 2020-03-17  n/a

episode 44: Episode 44: All The Glitters - Part 5

R’tuar, Lanette and Capella are faced with the unenviable task of transporting a biological nuclear weapon safely out of Sparkle Fury’s vault… all while its owner fights desperately to get back in…


 2020-03-02  n/a