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episode 76: The Short And Terrifying History Of Modern Surveillance

On the show, we talk a lot about the state of Orwellian world we’ve found ourselves in: big data, corporate and governmental surveillance. You know, Big Brother.But where did it come from? What’s it’s historical context? To answer these questions, w...


 2020-05-14  41m

episode 75: The Senator Who Believes in UFOs

In 2017, amidst the backdrop of the Mueller investigation and Russian spy paranoia, the world learned, via a New York Times bombshell, that the Pentagon had a top secret UFO program.The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, AATIP for sho...


 2020-05-07  33m

episode 74: NSO Employee Abused Phone Hacking Tech to Target a Love Interest

Back in 2013, between the many revelations on mass surveillance abuses by the NSA coming from the trove of Snowden leaks, Americans also learned agents at the signals intelligence agency were snooping on their love interests. Dubbed LOVEINT (a play on ...


 2020-04-30  28m

episode 73: Russian Spies And The Media

The DNC hack. It was a tale of espionage and intrigue. But behind closed doors, Russian intelligence knew just how to play the media in a liberal democracy. And that is a tale as old as time.Thomas Rid, a world renowned academic on national security...


 2020-04-23  44m

episode 72: Why the United States Isn't Ready for Online Voting

The mechanics of voting really hasn’t changed since the dawn of democracy. People line up, mark a ballot for their candidate and then leave.But in today’s pandemic, the lines for the Wisconsin primary illustrated the legitimate dangers of having tho...


 2020-04-16  33m

Bonus: The Distance

Hi Cyber listeners! Friendly podcast producer Ricardo here with a new bonus podcast from the Vice Audio team. The Distance features short, first-person stories from all over the world about how the pandemic is changing the way we live. We're shari...


 2020-04-10  7m

episode 71: The Cyber Mercenaries Who Can’t Stay Out Of Bad News

It was implicated in the hacking and spying of activists in Mexico. It may have helped the Saudis kill and behead Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Now, it’s inserting itself into the pandemic news as if it needed more bad press.NSO Group,...


 2020-04-09  29m

episode 70: Zoom's Boom In Popularity Reveals Privacy Issues

This time of pandemic and social isolation is introducing a lot of new normals to us all. While we’re all holed up in our apartments, the need to interact with our friends and the outside world hasn’t just suddenly ended. In fact, people are FaceTiming...


 2020-04-02  28m

episode 69: How Amazon Has Continued To Exploit Its Workers During the Pandemic

Right now, many people are sitting indoors quarantined from the world, stocked up on supplies and watching way too much Netflix. Some might even feel the impulse to order goods to their doorstep. So they fire up their Amazon Prime accounts and...


 2020-03-26  29m

episode 68: How Governments Might Use Coronavirus to Chip Away At Our Privacy

Yes, friends, this week’s CYBER podcast was recorded from the comfort of our apartments. Because, well, the global pandemic. Today on the show, we thought it would be important to discuss how coronavirus will affect state and corporate surv...


 2020-03-19  24m