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Company That Handles Billions of Text Messages Was Hacked (and WTF is going on at Facebook?)

Syniverse, a company that is a critical part of the global telecommunications infrastructure used by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and several others around the world such as Vodafone and China Mobile, quietly disclosed that hackers were inside its syste...


 2021-10-04  40m

Facebook's Content Moderators Are Leaving Their Jobs With PTSD

If you’re on Facebook then there’s a company you’ve probably never heard of that makes it bearable. Accenture. The little-known consulting firm is one of the biggest companies in the booming market of content moderation. But you’ll probably never hear ...


 2021-09-30  39m

How Amazon's Astro Robot Will Track Everything You Do

Amazon's new robot called Astro is designed to track the behavior of everyone in your home to help it perform its surveillance and helper duties, according to leaked internal development documents and video recordings of Astro so...


 2021-09-29  21m

My First Hack: My Teacher’s Computer

This is Rob Graham, an independent security researcher who is also known as ErrataRob on Twitter. What if you could go back in time and make sure you made the deadline on a college assignment? That’s basically what Rob did by hacking his profe...


 2021-09-23  25m

How To Not Get Scammed In The Crypto Market

A strange press release went out on September 13th. Retail giant Walmart, it seemed, would soon be accepting crypto currency. “The eCommerce giant intends to give its millions of shoppers across the world an opportunity to seamlessly make payments with...


 2021-09-16  25m

Why People Won't Do the One Simple Thing that Protects Them Online

Two-factor authentication is simple and easy to use, right? Whenever you log in to your email, work account, or social media platform you get a text message or email asking you to confirm your identity.  It’s easy and safe and we’re all using ...


 2021-09-09  23m

Hackers Ruining Warzone Or Do You Just Suck?

If you’ve played video games online, it’s happened to you. You’re holding it down in the warzone, helping your squad score a dub when suddenly your head explodes and there’s no way anyone on the enemy team could have known where you were let alone make...


 2021-09-02  32m

Apple's Spy in the Jailbreak Community

Double agents are a Cold War trope. An American spy has *gasp* secretly been working for the Soviets the whole time. These days, you’re more likely to run into a double agent in the world of corporate information technology. Sometimes hackers are selli...


 2021-08-26  26m

My First Hack: Taking Down a Classic, Minesweeper

This is Ophir Harpaz, a security researcher at Guardicore. Her first hack was to reverse engineer the classic Windows game Minesweeper. Her goal was to force the program to put flags on all squares with mines—as soon as the board shows up. That essenti...


 2021-08-19  16m

These Young Activists Are Uniting Middle Easterners Online

This week, we're doing things a little differently.VICE's 2030 Fellow Samir Ferdowsi spoke with Setareh Soroush, The Women's Rights Director for Middle East Matter's, a community of online activists aiming to bring untol...


 2021-08-12  26m