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A podcast for dads by dads giving an open forum to discuss their experiences with fatherhood to help each other navigate this crazy adventure called parenting hood. Join the #FatherhoodBrotherhood & #DadHard movement!

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Season 3 Premiere pt. 1 - The Terrible Twos!

YES WE ARE FINALLY BACK AND IT IS THE PREMIERE OF SEASON 3 OF DAD HARD WITH A PODCAST!!!!! In this 2 part season premiere we do a deep dive into the flip of the switch that happens when your child turns 2 - because that switch flips REAAAAAAAL FAST...


 2021-09-30  24m

Episode 75: Dadding Through Autism (w/ Childhood Autism advocate Gary Martinez Jr.))

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 103 of #DaddingHard which means we're 1 week away from my 2nd Anniversary as a Dad aka my daughter's 2nd Birthday! But before she turns 2 she's putting that sponge brain to work and is desperate to learn and remember...


 2021-07-23  1h1m

Episode 74: Ending Stranger Danger (w/ writer Joe Keohane)

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 102 of #daddinghard and I am blown away daily by my daughters seemingly LIGHTSPEED advancements with her language. Conversations - CHECK. Expressing her wants - CHECK. Expressing her emotions...... meeehhh not so much. This...


 2021-07-15  1h1m

Episode 73: Sporting is Fundamental (w/ best friend and kids sports trainer Scott Rodriguez)

WE ARE BACK!!!! It is week 101 of #DaddingHard (HOLY SH*T!) and we've just started making the conversion to 1 nap. There's A LOT of change that comes with that. Flustered schedules, afternoon crankiness, high volumes or irritability but by god I'll...


 2021-07-08  1h3m

Episode 72: Get Kids Outdoors (w/ outdoors loving dads Rob Yates & Mark Hopkins)

WE ARE BACK!!!! It's week 100 of #DaddingHard and my daughter has officially entered the "Terrible Twos." What does that mean exactly? Tantrums and manipulation gallore! In our guest segment we travel all the way to South Africa to speak with We...


 2021-07-01  1h6m

The 2nd Annual Father's Day Extravaganza (w/ Blair Dver, Patti Reech & Leslie Salgado)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THAT #DADHARD! On this weeks episode we celebrate a few of the dads that have been on the podcast over the past year by talking to their mom counterparts and give them praise where praise is due! These guys are all awesome...


 2021-06-22  1h5m

Episode 70: The Surrogate (w/ career surrogate Ashley Greene and husband Kris Greene)

WE ARE BACK! AND WHAT A FRIGGIN EPISODE THIS IS! It's the big 7-0 and we're going FULL GUEST EPISODE as we welcome the single most unique guest ever to Dad Hard With a Podcast, professional surrogate Ashley Greene and her husband Kris Greene! This...


 2021-06-10  1h23m

Episode 69: This is Your Captain Speaking (w/ author Jason Martin)

WE ARE BACK! It's week 96 of #DaddingHard and my daughter and her new best friend are inseparable, crazy thing is her new best friend is a guitar that she literally will not let go of! In this week's guest segment we welcome sports anchor turned...


 2021-06-03  1h0m

Episode 68: Night Terror Singalong

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 95 of #DaddingHard and this week I pull a solo episode to do a deep dive into my daughter's horrifying month long battle with night terrors! It is legitimately one of the scariest things I've had to deal with thus far as a...


 2021-05-29  28m

Episode 67: Taking Back Control (w/ fitness trainer Matt Wilbur)

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 94 of #dadding and I have learned that there is officially nothing on this planet more terrifying than your child having NIGHT TERRORS!!! If you don't know, now you know because children experiencing fear for the first time...


 2021-05-22  1h5m