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A podcast for dads by dads giving an open forum to discuss their experiences with fatherhood to help each other navigate this crazy adventure called parenting hood. Join the #FatherhoodBrotherhood & #DadHard movement!

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Episode 65: Unburying My Father (w/ childhood friend Zander Masser)

WE ARE BACK! This week we go FULL GUEST EPISODE and welcome one of my best friends on the planet, musician and now WRITER, Zander Masser. We discuss his forthcoming book "Unburying My Father" to reconnect with his own father after losing him at an...


 2021-04-21  1h20m

Episode 64: Shape Safari (w/ kids musical duo Cap n' Cat)

WE ARE BACK! It's week 85 of #DaddingHard for me and this week has been all about my daughter's new desire for interaction. "Daddy Play" has become the most used phrase in our house as seemingly overnight my daughter has turned the corner of...


 2021-04-01  1h9m

Episode 63: Drink Your Creative Juice (w/ Tonies Marketing Director Drew Vernon)

WE ARE BACK!!! It is week 84 of #dadding hard for me and the name of the game is creativity and imagination running wild for my little one. She's making up her own version of her favorite books, serving me imaginary tea and drawing Mickey Mouse in...


 2021-03-18  1h1m

Episode 62: The Elephant Age (w/ creator of Elephant Learning Dr. Aditya Nagrath)

WE ARE BACK! It's week 82 of #dadding for me and after that 18 month mark we've started to get a REAL taste of what the terrible 2s might have in store. Her emotions have evolved significantly and as she's starting to speak in full sentences she can...


 2021-03-05  57m

Episode 61: Adventures of Single Dadding (w/ single dad Shouvik Paul)

WE ARE BACK! This week we go FULL GUEST EPISODE as I welcome long time friend, Copyleaks CRO, single dad of 2 tween girls and master storyteller, Shouvik Paul! Sho and I talk about the transition from married dad to divorced single dad, single...


 2021-02-27  1h12m

Episode 60: Dad's New Pad (w/ Founder of Stripe Street Studio Stacey Herman)

WE ARE BACK! It is week 78 of #DaddingHard and the official end of my first 18 months as a dad. This week has been all about watching my daughter start truly living her BEST LIFE and it is f*cking incredible! In our guest segment we welcome a true...


 2021-02-05  1h1m

Episode 59: Daddy's Deploying (w/ military combat medic David Levine)

WE ARE BACK!!! This week we go FULL GUEST EPISODE with the most incredible and emotional episode to date as we welcome one of my oldest & best friends and US Army Combat Medic, David Levine. We talk about his life in the military while being a dad,...


 2021-01-29  1h1m

Episode 58: New Year, New Dad Bod! (w/ creator of Dad Bod Health Jason Priest)

WE ARE BACK!!! It's the first episode of 2021 and at 18 months my daughter is starting to understand love and it is the most beautiful things I've experienced as a dad. In our guest segment, for the 2nd year in a we sit down with the creator, host...


 2021-01-13  1h5m

Episode 57: Diaper Dude (w/ writer and dad brand innovator Chris Pegula)

It's been a couple weeks of Holiday Hiatus but WE ARE BACK! In the 1st of our 2 part Dad Hard Sionara 2020 Extravaganza we go FULL GUEST EPISODE with the innovator of Dad Brands, Founder of the Dad Accessory brand Diaper Dude, writer of Dad Guide...


 2020-12-30  51m

Episode 56: A Thanksgiving Dad Summit (w/ best friends Ari Michaeli, Chase Hochstin, Dan Dver, Mike Ram & Zander Masser)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! On this week's episode we go FULL GUEST SEGMENT with a 6 MAN WEAVE! I sitdown with 5 of my best friends for a family style group chat and the 1st Annual Dad Hard Thanksgiving Dad Summit!! We talk to current dads and previous...


 2020-12-01  1h11m