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A podcast for dads by dads giving an open forum to discuss their experiences with fatherhood to help each other navigate this crazy adventure called parenting hood. Join the #FatherhoodBrotherhood & #DadHard movement!

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Episode 44: Let's Play a Game (w/ our first COUPLE Brandon & Megan Rosen)

It's been 2 weeks but WE ARE BACK! And back with a vengence launching SEASON 2 of Dad Hard with a Podcast! For the Season 2 Premier I thought it was only right to switch things up a bit not only by bringing in a parenting COUPLE to the show with my...


 2020-08-20  48m

Episode 45: From Dude to Dad (w/ writer/director/musician Frank Meyer)

WE ARE BACK WITH SEASON 2 OF DAD HARD WITH A PODCAST! It's week 55 of #Dadding and since turning 1 my daughter is putting together two things that are very frightening...... a larger vocabulary and communicating not wanting to do things. I'm in...


 2020-08-26  1h4m

Episode 46: Beautiful Music (w/ husband & wife band Carolina Story)

WE ARE BACK WITH SEASON 2!!! It's week 56 of #Dadding and that post 1-year life has proven a little difficult to navigate with all of the baby's changes and DEFIANT STANCES! SMH This week's guests (yes PLURAL) have a unique story to say the least....


 2020-09-02  1h4m

Episode 47 - Stand-Up Dads (w/ The Stand-Up Dads Podcast)

WE ARE BACK WITH SEASON 2!!! It's week 56 of #dadding and my daughter has started standing on her own and apparently taught herself sign language..... In this week's guest segment I sit down with the Mike & Rob from The Stand-Up Dads podcast! We...


 2020-09-16  1h12m

Episode 48: The Year 1 Hangover

WE ARE BACK WITH SEASON 2'S FIRST SOLO EPISODE!!! It's week 58 of #Dadding Hard and I am finally just getting over the year 1 hangover. What's the year 1 hangover? Well... just about everything that comes along with your child turning 1. The...


 2020-09-25  34m

Episode 49: RelationSHIFTS (w/ communication specialist Krister Ungerbock)

WE ARE BACK!! It's week 60 of #dadding and either my daughter officially took her first steps OR I'm just Tyler Duredening myself..... In our guest segment we welcome communication specialist & writer of the new book "22 Talk SHIFTS" Krister...


 2020-10-07  1h3m

Episode 50: The Dad Hard MAILBAG!

IT'S THE BIG 5-0!!! This is officially the 50th EPISODE OF DAD HARD WITH A PODCAST!! We are celebrating the milestone by giving the utmost thanks to thanks to all of our guests and listeners. THEN for the first time ever we jump into a MAILBAG as I...


 2020-10-15  47m

Episode 51: The 1st Week, 5 Years Later (w/ New York Post's Michael Liss)

SEASON 2 ROLLS ON!!! It's week 62 of #Dadding and both the greatest and most nightmarest milestones decide to hit in the same week! So while my daughter is now officially WALKING.... she has also officially learned the word NO!! I also attempt - and...


 2020-10-20  1h6m

Episode 52: Postpartum Depression (w/ writer Joe Keohane)

WE ARE BACK!!! This week's daddy development continues on with my daughter practicing her walking like she's training for the baby olympics. She also has found a new obsession...... ELSA!!! In our guest segment this week we welcome writer Joe...


 2020-10-27  1h7m

Episode 53: Daylight Savings & Disney+

WE ARE BACK with a special Friday edition of Dad Hard with a Podcast! It's week 68 of dadding and after hitting the 15 month my daughter has decided she wants complete independence. This week also brought on the complete NUCLEAR BOMB that is...


 2020-11-06  36m