Dad Hard With A Podcast

A podcast for dads by dads giving an open forum to discuss their experiences with fatherhood to help each other navigate this crazy adventure called parenting hood. Join the #FatherhoodBrotherhood & #DadHard movement!


Episode 74: Ending Stranger Danger (w/ writer Joe Keohane)

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 102 of #daddinghard and I am blown away daily by my daughters seemingly LIGHTSPEED advancements with her language. Conversations - CHECK. Expressing her wants - CHECK. Expressing her emotions...... meeehhh not so much. This...


 2021-07-15  1h1m

Episode 75: Dadding Through Autism (w/ Childhood Autism advocate Gary Martinez Jr.))

WE ARE BACK!!! It's week 103 of #DaddingHard which means we're 1 week away from my 2nd Anniversary as a Dad aka my daughter's 2nd Birthday! But before she turns 2 she's putting that sponge brain to work and is desperate to learn and remember...


 2021-07-23  1h1m