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Philipp Hartmann became a dad of five under two in 13 months. In our first season "Being Dad" we meet unique, inspirational fathers who share their own experiences and stories. DADICATED.COM aims empower men in their vital role as Dads. Our mission is to help facilitating family success. = Also follow us on Please do reach out with ideas for awesome Dads you'd like to put forward. = #dads #moms #family #parents #empowerment #dadication #children #fathers #fatherhood #connectedness

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episode 60: 60 Creating a successful family vision & instilling values with Robert Glazer

“Be happy and healthy, be respectful, responsible, resilient, and be kind.” - Rob Glazer,

Rob Glazer is a very successful business owner who built a $20 million global business recognised as a best place to work by Inc, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Boston Globe and Glassdoor. He is also a father to 3 and avid outdoors family man...


 2021-02-03  1h0m

episode 59: 59 THE Rory Sutherland on not losing your marbles as a dad of twins, establishing trust and the fathers-daughter-bond

“I think we make the business of parenting disproportionally difficult - if we assume that everything is within our control.” Rory Sutherland on

Rory Sutherland is one of the most influential men in the advertising world, a charismatic speaker and Dad of twins. He’s the former Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, has served as Chair of the Judges in Cannes and is a best-selling author. He is very intelligent, fun and will get your brain and heart to fire up...


 2021-01-27  56m

episode 58: 58 Dr. John Rosemond - Renegade Parent Psychologist on Marriage Centred Parenting & Parent Authority

“Children need equal amounts of unconditional love and unequivocal authority.” Dr. John Rosemond on

John is 72, married for 52 years, 2 children and 7 grandchildren between the ages of 13 to 25.

John is an American columnist, highly sought after public speaker, and author of 11 best-selling parenting books and often seen as controversial in today’s popular parenting views...


 2021-01-20  1h0m

episode 58: 57 Next-level serial entrepreneur, coach & autism dad with Michael Caito

“Saying the right thing during a coachable moment to your children that builds their self-confidence can be the biggest difference-maker and change the trajectory of their whole life forever.” Michael Caito on

Michael Caito is an amazing dad and serial entrepreneur who co-founded ”Restaurants on the Run”, scaled it to 10 markets, 600 people and $40 million in revenue and sold it in 2015...


 2021-01-13  58m

episode 56: 56 "Divorce changed me from a father to a dad" with Ron Blair

“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is to stay present in the home,” Ron Blair on

Ron Blair is currently going through a divorce and has 100% custody. His marriage and family culture are a tale of 2 distinct families which has impacted his parenting style. His dad is his hero and he wanted to emulate that for his 3 teenagers (18, 15 & 12)...


 2021-01-06  50m

episode 55: 55 Losing your child to a rare disease. Daniel DeFabio on Menkes Syndrome

“You may have a shorter life with your child but you still have a life with your child and some of this will be happy.” Daniel DeFabio on

Daniel DeFabio is married and a father of two boys, Alex and Lucas. Sadly Lucas quite recently passed away at the age of 11.5 due to Menkes Syndrome, a rare disease he had been diagnosed with at the age of 1...


 2020-12-30  40m

episode 54: 54 Growing up in a Perisan single-dad home in the U.S.A. with Shadi Almassizadeh

“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is enjoy every minute, you never get those back and don’t take them for granted.” Shadi Almassizadeh on Shadi is the VP of architecture and engineering at Disney, he was born in Iran and grew up in America from age 4. His parents had an arranged marriage that failed so from the age 7 he was raised by his single dad. He is married to Michelle, and they have two children, Kensi (5) and Logan (8)...


 2020-12-23  1h2m

episode 53: 53 Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) & Life Energy with Chris Jones

“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is to be present with an open heart.” Chris Jones on

Chris has been married to Yolanda for 22 years and they have two boys (16 & 13).

Chris shares about his son’s Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and how his condition has impacted him and the family. Chris’s insights on managing life energy (whilst being relentless) well are powerful...


 2020-12-16  56m

episode 52: 52 Steve Biddulph’s incredible insights into “The Father Wound” & raising kids

“The secret of family is to love what you have got. What you have got is better for you than what you would have made up for yourself.” Steve Biddulph on

Steve Biddulph is one of the world's best known parent educators and best-selling parenting author. A psychologist for 30 years, he is now retired but continues to write and teach. Steve is known for his ideas of a more affectionate and connected form of parenting...


 2020-12-09  1h1m

episode 51: 51 Eric Naaman on dancing the stepfather-dance

“How do I become part of this child’s life, without alienating the father, but still in the sense we need to become a family?” Eric Naaman on

Eric Naaman, who grew up in war-torn Lebanon, is a leading entrepreneur, and loving stepdad to 12 year old Francois. He studied in the US, and is a successful entrepreneur now living in Canada...


 2020-11-25  51m