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Philipp Hartmann became a dad of five under two in 13 months. In our first season "Being Dad" we meet unique, inspirational fathers who share their own experiences and stories. DADICATED.COM aims empower men in their vital role as Dads. Our mission is to help facilitating family success. = Also follow us on Please do reach out with ideas for awesome Dads you'd like to put forward. = #dads #moms #family #parents #empowerment #dadication #children #fathers #fatherhood #connectedness

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episode 16: 16 'Who' over 'what' with Brandon Dempsey

Brandon Dempsey is a super-passionate Dad of two kids. He had 13 siblings growing up. He’s a serial entrepreneur currently running two companies. Brandon is also an Iron Man, author, speaker, professor, a non-profit leader, an adventurer and he runs a couple of nonprofits. All of this is only possible because Brandon his truly highly focussed and has clarity of vision on who he wants to be. He is a gifted strategist who is able to execute...


 2020-01-26  53m

episode 16: 15 “Daddy Saturday”: intentionality & actionable parenting

My next Dad, Justin Batt, is the founder of the “Daddy Saturday” movement and non-profit organisation. Justin’s mission is to impact 10 million fathers in the next 10 years. Justin has 4 kids. A daughter of 11 years and three boys 9, 7 and 5. His wife is an entrepreneur and because she started a bridal boutique he found himself alone with his daughter every Saturday when she was two old...


 2020-01-19  36m

episode 14: 14 Jamie Mitchell one of the most inspiring waterman alive on his role as a Dad.

My next dad is THE Jamie Mitchell, maybe the most inspiring watermen alive. Jamie is a 10X World Paddle Champion and professional big wave surfer. Jamie Mitchell has created a life from the ocean, one which he wants to be able to pass down to his children. Born in Australia and now living on the islands of Hawai’i with his wife and two daughters, he sees we are on an ecological path that must be changed...


 2020-01-12  48m

episode 12: #12 The beautiful journey of captain Gerard le Suer, “Dad at Sea”

Gerard le Suer is a very dear friend of mine, he has two sons (8 and 10), and he is an amazing Dad. Gerard is a traditional healer (“Sangoma”), business consultant, coach, surfer, entrepreneur, sailor and of course passionate Dad. Together with his family has been sailing around the world for the last 14 months with his wife and their two boys...


 2019-12-30  52m

episode 11: #11 the uplifting story of Marcus, shot in combat shortly after becoming a first-time dad

In this next session I sit down with Mark and Marcus Haney, both father and son. The session is powerful and interesting. Marcus, a Purple Heart U.S. Marine, was shot in Afghanistan during a fire fight in combat shortly after becoming a first time dad himself. Mark, Marcus’s dad is a serial entrepreneur who works with and invests in entrepreneurs in the Sacramento area since 2011...


 2019-12-22  39m

episode 10: #10 Rob & myself have 8 prem babies combined On parents relationships, own identities & family first

Rob Murray is a passionate Dad of three kids who are all born premature. His 4 year old was 5 weeks early and his 2 year old twins were 8 weeks early. I have 5 premature kids (10.5 and 10 weeks). Rob runs a digital agency business called intrigue that is growing 30% a year for the last 6 years, he is also the president of Entrepreneurs Organization in Ontario in Canada and he does lots of charitable work and he is very involved in his local start-up scene...


 2019-12-15  39m

episode 9: #9 life lessons from a dad who experienced bankruptcy with Conor Neill

My next dad’s name is an inspiring man, Conor Neill. Conor is a Professor at IESE where he runs Leadership courses, he is an author, a keynote speaker, a serial entrepreneur and the Spanish President of Vistage, the worlds leading CEO organisation.

He is Irish with two children from two marriages and obviously a very passionate dad. The session is inspirational and powerful because Conor has done some deep introspection of which he shares in powerful ways...


 2019-12-08  58m

episode 7: #8 Jason Reid on his son's suicide and teen suicide

This session is very powerful and intense. Jason Reid is 52 years of age, he is married and has three children. Last year his fourth son, Ryan, killed himself. Jason shares his son's story, his perspective as a Dad and his views on parenting and the challenges our children are facing in todays world. He gives a lot of valuable practical and powerful advice. Although the session is very sad and the topic difficult, teen suicide and depression are important points of conversation we need to have...


 2019-12-01  48m

episode 7: #7 John Gray of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

My next dad is John Gray. You probably know him as the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The book was a long time bestseller in the 90s, he’s sold millions of his books. John is an interesting dad and our session was different and thought provoking. John dives deep into his work of the last few decades and translates his thoughts on the differences between men and women to dads and moms...


 2019-11-24  1h27m

episode 6: #6 Flo Jung world champion & down to earth DAD!

Florian Jung is one the most progressive windsurfers globally, ocean adventurer and environmentalist and obviously a super passionate Dad. Flo opens up about his challenges around family-life and being ‘modern gypsies’ - travelling with everyone as a professional athlete. 

We talk about his hopes and dreams for his son and how his perspective changed completely since he became a father. Flo shares his plans for his near future and his passion for the environment and the ocean...


 2019-11-17  40m