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Fired Up About CES – DTNS 4174

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s sources say Apple is hiring engineers to design more wireless chips in-house, planning to replace components made by Broadcom and Skyworks Solutions. Citizen Lab reported on government use of spyware called “pre


 2021-12-17  n/a

Sneaking into the Metaverse – DTNS 4173

Nvidia’ GeForce Now cloud game streaming service removed the waitlist for its RTX 3080 tier, Adidas is launching a line of NFTs called “Into the Metaverse.”, TikTok is testing out TikTok Live Studio a Windows app that streams directly to


 2021-12-16  n/a

The Cure for Nostril Cam – DTNS 4172

Dell shows off three prototype products designed for a “seamless work experience,” the Concept Flow, Concept Stanza and Concept Pari. Oppo announced more details on its folding phone the Find N. And Norway’s data protection authority has


 2021-12-15  n/a

HDMI 2.1 or not 2 HDMI – DTNS 4171

Dell shares more details on Concept Luna, its laptop with removable components. Why HDMI 2.1 doesn’t mean what you think it means. And Scientists discover that altering medical scans can fool human radiologists and algorithms into believing evidence


 2021-12-14  n/a

Vintage Clothing Takedown – DTNS 4170

At the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, Intel showed work on how it will continue Moore’s Law post 2025 with Samsung and IBM announcing a new vertical FET design. Boston Consulting Group valued the pre-owned apparel market at over $40 bi


 2021-12-13  n/a

Gettin’ Tiggy Wit It – DTNS 4169

Emails disclosed as part of the Epic vs Apple trial show that in March 2020, Microsoft proposed creating individual apps for Apple’s App Store to stream games, including offering exclusive triple-A Xbox games. The Next Web’s Cate Lawrence has


 2021-12-10  n/a

Kickstart My Open Blockchain – DTNS 4168

The European Commission proposed a directive which could lead to gig workers across the European Union gaining legal protections of workers. Kickstarter announced the development of “an open-source protocol that will essentially create a decentraliz


 2021-12-09  n/a

Your Single Point of Failure is Now the Cloud – DTNS 4167

Amazon launches the Alexa Together subscription, available for $19.99 a month or $199 a year, that helps elderly or special needs family members who are living on their own. We explain what caused the AWS outage yesterday and what the effects were. And Ap


 2021-12-08  n/a

Quill Gets Written Off – DTNS 4166

US Department of Justice investigators have asked Roblox why it labels itself as “experiences” instead of games as part of its anti-trust investigation into Apple. Life360 is buying location tracking service Tile. And the Information reports A


 2021-12-07  n/a

Fixing the Supply Chain – DTNS 4165

Brian Brushwood shares his experience trying to mitigate the issues of supply chain constraints on his online store. DoorDash is starting a 15-minute delivery with its chain of DashMart convenience stores in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. What is


 2021-12-06  n/a