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Twitter Suspends US president - DTNS Headline UPDATE

Twitter permanently suspended the president of the United States from its platform, Apple warns Parler to improve moderation and Google delists Parler from Play store.


 2021-01-09  3m

ROUND TABLE - What Section 230 Actually Does

Are Facebook and Twitter protected by a shield that stops them from being responsible for any of their content? We bring on Mike Masnick from TechDirt and Shoshana Weissman from the R Street Institute to talk about what Section 230 is, what it isn’t, a...


 2021-01-16  30m

DTNS Special: EV Owner's Roundtable

We get so many questions about electric vehicles or EVs, that we decided to gather some EV experts and enthusiasts to tell us what their experiences are and what those of you curious about Evs should know before getting behind the wheel. Starring To...


 2021-04-11  58m

Scanning Your World - DTNS 4024

3D scanning as a technology has come a long way especially in its use in science and research. Dr. Nicole Ackermans joins us with an explanation on the different types of 3D scanning technologies and what they’re used for in research circles. Starring ...


 2021-05-05  32m

DTNS SPECIAL - Chip Shortage: The Logistics Issues

We talk about the chip shortage a lot on DTNS and I think we do a pretty good job of explaining the basics of the issue. There was fluctuation in orders there was unexpected demand and the chip plants are now operating at capacity while they try to wor...


 2021-07-31  23m

The Tech Jawn EXCERPT: Ransomware at HBCUs

An exceprt from episode 1 of The Tech Jawn on ransomware attacks at historically black colleges and universities.


 2021-09-18  9m

episode 1: DTNSxTWIS Crossover Show

Join DTNS and the crew from TWIS as the two grand pillars of podcasting join forces for an epic podcast episode filled with science, technology and fun. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Kirsten Sanford, Justin Jackson, Blair Bazdarich.


 2021-04-18  1h31m

episode 40: Swimming As A Service - DTNS 4084

Apple sends a cease and desist letter to a Chinese citizen who leaked information about stolen iPhone prototypes on social media. Is preventing leaks a way to keep consumers engaged or just to keep corporate secrets? And a big roundup of China related ...


 2021-07-30  31m

episode 40: Right to Repair Zero Day? - DTNS 4086

Researchers successfully hacked and bypassed the TPM inside an Intel powered laptop and we examine the security implications of Right to Repair. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Seth Rosenblatt, Roger Chang, Joe. Link to the Show Notes.


 2021-08-03  32m

episode 3939: State of the Google Union - DTNS 3939

It’s 2021 and this year many of the major auto makers will be introducing all-electric models into their lineup. What can we expect and from whom? CNET's Roadshow Editor-in-Chief, Tim Stevens is here to fill us in! Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane...


 2021-01-04  33m