Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

A fun-filled discussion of the big, mind-blowing, unanswered questions about the Universe. In each episode, Daniel Whiteson (a Physicist who works at CERN) and Jorge Cham (a popular online cartoonist) discuss some of the simple but profound questions that people have been wondering about for thousands of years, explaining the science in a fun, shorts-wearing and jargon-free way.


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Where Did Earth's Water Come From?

Young Earth was hot and dry. Where did the oceans come from?


 2018-11-22  38m

The Baby Universe (ft. Katie Mack)

What did the Universe look like as a baby? How do we know? Join Daniel and Jorge as they talk with Katie Mack about the early universe, and what they all looked like as babies.


 2018-11-20  44m

Can We Travel Faster Than Light?

Why can't we travel faster than light? Can we ever reach the stars?


 2018-11-15  43m

Is Light a Particle or a Wave?

What is light made of? A particle, a wave, both, neither? Little puppies?


 2018-11-13  44m

episode 15: Are there Aliens?

Are we the only life in the Universe? What are scientists doing to find out?


 2018-11-08  38m

Is Anti-Matter a Real Thing?

Is anti-matter real or science fiction? Is it dangerous, or delicious?


 2018-11-06  40m

How will the Universe die?

How long will the Universe last, and what are the possible fates?


 2018-11-01  38m

What is making the Universe explode?

How we learned that something is tearing the Universe apart, and what it might mean.


 2018-10-30  40m

Will an Asteroid Kill You?

Could humans go the way of the dinosaurs: extinction by space rock?


 2018-10-25  44m

What's Inside a Black Hole?

What is a black hole, and what would it be like to fall into one?


 2018-10-23  33m