DARK - A Companion To The Netflix TV Series

Hosts Acorn, Mirggles, and PB break down and discuss Netflix's DARK - including characters, color theory, and the cycles themselves. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Part of The Geek Generation Network.


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A World Without Winden

Some things are destined to occur, no matter the timeline. Somehow, somewhere, sometime.


 September 23, 2021  16m

The End is the Beginning

The Dark Three say goodbye to the podcast. They discuss H.G. Tannhaus, have one last brong, and talk about what they've learned from the show and the podcast that they will take into the next season of their lives. Thank you for listening.


 September 16, 2021  1h17m

Radio Winden – We Know We Know Nothing

In the final Radio Winden, The Dark Three dive into some well sourced evidence for the potential presence of The Freemasons in Dark, finish an email started in their previous Radio Winden regarding the experience and flow of time,


 September 9, 2021  1h3m

The Final Radio Winden: Part One

What began as the last Radio Winden turned into part one of two and includes a discussion about the show’s three models of time travel, the origin of Tannhaus’s name, and some very interesting questions the show leaves unanswered.


 September 2, 2021  26m

Quick Update From The Dark Three

The Dark Three give a quick hello and update.


 August 26, 2021  3m

Scar Tissue

The Dark Three take on Jonas, exploring his path to becoming Adam and the impact his grief had on his life, as well as making another discovery that changes the way they view the final scene of the show.


 August 20, 2021  1h2m

Radio Winden – Wer ist Boris?

The Dark Three discuss the possibility of Boris being a lost child and dive into a fan theory about Agnes's timeline that presents a possible answer for where her final mission took her. They also tease an upcoming special announcement.


 August 12, 2021  20m

Enter Stage Left – Martha, Martha, Martha & Eva

In this episode, the Dark Three take on exploring the many Marthas, her timeline, and her journey into becoming Eva. They also make yet another realization that causes them to revisit their entire understanding of Season 3.


 August 5, 2021  49m

Radio Winden – Numbers, Thrones, and Faces

The Dark Three read thought-provoking emails that lead them to re-consider the hidden identities in the photo of the Sic Mundus group, and the potential meaning behind the numbers in St. Christopher’s church.


 July 29, 2021  27m

Break Notice

The Dark Three check in with a quick update and a few comments.


 July 8, 2021  7m