DARK - A Companion To The Netflix TV Series

Hosts Acorn, Mirggles, and PB break down and discuss Netflix's DARK - including characters, color theory, and the cycles themselves. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Part of The Geek Generation Network.


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Radio Winden – Case By Case

The Dark Three read an email from a listener named Julia, sparking some deep conversation about society, love, and life, as well as gaining some interesting perspective on Jonas and Martha.


 March 25, 2021  1h16m

Radio Winden – Good Teachers

The Dark Three read your emails, including one with a mind blowing Helge theory that just might change everything, and a heartfelt message from someone we wish we could clone.


 March 18, 2021  20m

A True Double Agent – Agnes Nielsen

The Dark Three dig into many questions to find out more about Agnes Nielsen. Who is she? Is she merely a plot device? Did she ever belong to herself? And perhaps the greatest question of all: what does it mean to truly be a double agent?


 March 11, 2021  1h3m

Radio Winden – What We Thought We Knew Was Wrong

The Dark Three read two of your emails, one that triggers a discussion about the universe and spacetime itself, and another that makes their day in the sweariest way possible.


 March 4, 2021  41m

A Kind of Prison : Bartosz and Silja in Dark

The Dark Three reflect on two characters, each kept in a prison of Adam's design. They discuss Silja's near perfect loop, the decades-long, off-screen romance and what it means to be a disciple of Adam.


 February 25, 2021  58m

Radio Winden – The Red Line Hidden in Plain Sight

The Dark Three read some of your emails and reviews, including a theory about colors, Jonas' ties to the missing boys, and a wonderful email from a friend in Texas.


 February 18, 2021  19m

The Belly of the Beast – Sic Mundus

The Dark Three dive into Sic Mundus and discuss the role the secret society has played in Winden’s history, explore the many biblical connections to it and its members, and question whether or not they would join a secret society themselves.


 February 11, 2021  1h6m

Radio Winden – Picking Poison

The Dark Three read and answer some of your emails, including a follow up from Kell regarding our Defend Your Hannah episode, and a fascinating and detailed mail from Rex raising many theories and questions,


 February 3, 2021  1h0m

The Witching Eye – Elizabeth Doppler in Dark

The Dark Three explore Elizabeth Doppler, heterochromia in DARK, and the importance of the Fox, Hedgehog, Hare, and Apple on the bunker's wallpaper.


 January 21, 2021  55m

The Sights and Sounds of an Apocalypse – Cinematography and Music in Dark

In this episode, The Dark Three dig deep into the visuals and sounds that define Dark. They share their favorite auditory moments, break down specific scenes, discover something mind-blowing about the iconic yellow raincoat,


 January 16, 2021  1h28m