Data Engineering Podcast

This show goes behind the scenes for the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

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episode 256: Automated Data Quality Management Through Machine Learning With Anomalo

An interview with the founders of Anomalo about how they are using statistical machine learning systems to automate the detection and diagnosis of data quality issues that occur in your data warehouse.



episode 255: An Introduction To Data And Analytics Engineering For Non-Programmers

An interview with Brian McMillan about his work on the book "Building Data Products" and how he is bringing data professionals and business users into alignment for creating the systems that are necessary for organizations to succeed in the modern era.



episode 254: Open Source Reverse ETL For Everyone With Grouparoo

An interview with Brian Leonard about the open source reverse ETL framework Grouparoo and how you can start using it today.



episode 253: Data Observability Out Of The Box With Metaplane

An interview with Kevin Hu about his work on Metaplane to make implementing data observability practices as low friction as possible for data teams and organizations.



episode 252: Creating Shared Context For Your Data Warehouse With A Controlled Vocabulary

An interview with Emily Riederer about the work of establishing a controlled vocabulary for building a shared context in your data warehouse to reduce communication overhead.



episode 251: A Reflection On The Data Ecosystem For The Year 2021

A wide ranging conversation among a panel of data professionals about their view on the past year's trends in the data management and analytics ecosystem and what we might expect for the year to come.



episode 250: Revisiting The Technical And Social Benefits Of The Data Mesh

An interview with Zhamak Dehghani about her experience working with the community that has grown up around her idea of the data mesh and the lessons that she has learned.



episode 249: Exploring The Evolving Role Of Data Engineers

An interview with Maxime Beauchemin about how the technological progression in the data ecosystem is driving a constant change in the role and responsibilities of data engineers.



episode 248: Fast And Flexible Headless Data Analytics With Cube.JS

An interview with the creators of Cube.JS about their work to build an open source framework for performant OLAP queries delivered through web and SQL APIs.


 2021-12-21  54m

episode 247: Building A System Of Record For Your Organization's Data Ecosystem At Metaphor

An interview with the founders of Metaphor about their work to build a system of record for all of the data in your organization that bridges the technical and social requirements of your teams.


 2021-12-20  1h5m