Data Engineering Podcast

This show goes behind the scenes for the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

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episode 208: Adding Context And Comprehension To Your Analytics Through Data Discovery With SelectStar

An interview with Shinji Kim about her experience building the SelectStar data discovery platform to streamline communications about data across your organization



episode 207: Building a Multi-Tenant Managed Platform For Streaming Data With Pulsar at Datastax

An interview about the operational and architectural complexities of building a managed service of Apache Pulsar at scale for Datastax to power streaming data workloads.



episode 206: Bringing The Metrics Layer To The Masses With Transform

An interview with Nick Handel about the benefits of a unified metrics layer for improving the confidence of your analytics and his work at Transform to make it accessible to everyone.



episode 205: Strategies For Proactive Data Quality Management

An interview with Gleb Mezhanskiy about his work at Datafold and how it has informed his strategies for proactive management of data quality across your organization.



episode 204: Low Code And High Quality Data Engineering For The Whole Organization With Prophecy

An interview with Raj Bains about how the Prophecy platform provides a smooth experience for the whole organization to build high quality data engineering workflows with a unified model that brings engineers and business users together in one experience.



episode 203: Exploring The Design And Benefits Of The Modern Data Stack

A conversation about the design and motivation of the "modern data stack" and how it can simplify the work of building a self-service data platform that enables everyone in the business to ask and answer questions with data.



episode 202: Democratize Data Cleaning Across Your Organization With Trifacta

An interview with Trifacta CEO Adam Wilson about how the platform is used to democratize data cleaning for everyone in the organization



episode 201: Stick All Of Your Systems And Data Together With SaaSGlue As Your Workflow Manager

An interview about the how the SaaSGlue workflow manager simplifies the process of sticking together all of your clouds, services, and data pipelines



episode 200: Leveling Up Open Source Data Integration With Meltano Hub And The Singer SDK

An interview with the Meltano team about how they are investing in the Singer ecosystem for data integration with the Meltano Hub and Singer SDK


 2021-07-03  1h5m

episode 199: A Candid Exploration Of Timeseries Data Analysis With InfluxDB

An interview with Paul Dix about the technology that powers the Influx Data platform and the architectural evolution that keeps delivering better performance for your timeseries data


 2021-06-29  1h6m