Data Engineering Podcast

This show goes behind the scenes for the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

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Unlocking The Potential Of Streaming Data Applications Without The Operational Headache At Grainite

The promise of streaming data is that it allows you to react to new information as it happens, rather than introducing latency by batching records together. The peril is that building a robust and scalable streaming architecture is always more complicated and error-prone than you think it's going to be. After experiencing this unfortunate reality for themselves, Abhishek Chauhan and Ashish Kumar founded Grainite so that you don't have to suffer the same pain...



Aligning Data Security With Business Productivity To Deploy Analytics Safely And At Speed

As with all aspects of technology, security is a critical element of data applications, and the different controls can be at cross purposes with productivity. In this episode Yoav Cohen from Satori shares his experiences as a practitioner in the space of data security and how to align with the needs of engineers and business users. He also explains why data security is distinct from application security and some methods for reducing the challenge of working across different data systems.



Use Your Data Warehouse To Power Your Product Analytics With NetSpring

With the rise of the web and digital business came the need to understand how customers are interacting with the products and services that are being sold. Product analytics has grown into its own category and brought with it several services with generational differences in how they approach the problem...



Exploring The Nuances Of Building An Intential Data Culture

The ecosystem for data professionals has matured to the point that there are a large and growing number of distinct roles. With the scope and importance of data steadily increasing it is important for organizations to ensure that everyone is aligned and operating in a positive environment. To help facilitate the nascent conversation about what constitutes an effective and productive data culture, the team at Data Council have dedicated an entire conference track to the subject...



Building A Data Mesh Platform At PayPal

There has been a lot of discussion about the practical application of data mesh and how to implement it in an organization. Jean-Georges Perrin was tasked with designing a new data platform implementation at PayPal and wound up building a data mesh. In this episode he shares that journey and the combination of technical and organizational challenges that he encountered in the process.


 2023-02-27  46m

The View Below The Waterline Of Apache Iceberg And How It Fits In Your Data Lakehouse

Cloud data warehouses have unlocked a massive amount of innovation and investment in data applications, but they are still inherently limiting. Because of their complete ownership of your data they constrain the possibilities of what data you can store and how it can be used. Projects like Apache Iceberg provide a viable alternative in the form of data lakehouses that provide the scalability and flexibility of data lakes, combined with the ease of use and performance of data warehouses...


 2023-02-19  55m

Let The Whole Team Participate In Data With The Quilt Versioned Data Hub

Data is a team sport, but it's often difficult for everyone on the team to participate. For a long time the mantra of data tools has been "by developers, for developers", which automatically excludes a large portion of the business members who play a crucial role in the success of any data project. Quilt Data was created as an answer to make it easier for everyone to contribute to the data being used by an organization and collaborate on its application...


 2023-02-11  52m

Reflecting On The Past 6 Years Of Data Engineering

This podcast started almost exactly six years ago, and the technology landscape was much different than it is now. In that time there have been a number of generational shifts in how data engineering is done. In this episode I reflect on some of the major themes and take a brief look forward at some of the upcoming changes.


 2023-02-06  32m

Let Your Business Intelligence Platform Build The Models Automatically With Omni Analytics

Business intelligence has gone through many generational shifts, but each generation has largely maintained the same workflow. Data analysts create reports that are used by the business to understand and direct the business, but the process is very labor and time intensive. The team at Omni have taken a new approach by automatically building models based on the queries that are executed...


 2023-01-30  50m

Safely Test Your Applications And Analytics With Production Quality Data Using Tonic AI

The most interesting and challenging bugs always happen in production, but recreating them is a constant challenge due to differences in the data that you are working with. Building your own scripts to replicate data from production is time consuming and error-prone. Tonic is a platform designed to solve the problem of having reliable, production-like data available for developing and testing your software, analytics, and machine learning projects...


 2023-01-23  45m