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The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

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The Science of Online Data at Plenty of Fish with Thomas Levi

Can algorithms help you find love? Many happy couples successfully brought together via online dating websites show us that data science can help you find love. I'm joined this week by Thomas Levi, Senior Data Scientist at Plenty of Fish, to...


 2014-12-05  58m

[MINI] The Girlfriend Equation

Economist Peter Backus put forward "The Girlfriend Equation" while working on his PhD - a probabilistic model attempting to estimate the likelihood of him finding a girlfriend. In this mini episode we explore the soundness of his model and also share...


 2014-11-28  16m

The Secret and the Global Consciousness Project with Alex Boklin

I'm joined this week by Alex Boklin to explore the topic of magical thinking especially in the context of Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret", and the similarities it bears to The Global Consciousness Project (GCP). The GCP puts forward the hypothesis that...


 2014-11-21  41m

[MINI] Monkeys on Typewriters

What is randomness? How can we determine if some results are randomly generated or not? Why are random numbers important to us in our everyday life? These topics and more are discussed in this mini-episode on random numbers. Many readers will be...


 2014-11-14  3m

Mining the Social Web with Matthew Russell

This week's episode explores the possibilities of extracting novel insights from the many great social web APIs available. Matthew Russell's Mining the Social Web is a fantastic exploration of the tools and methods, and we explore a few...


 2014-11-07  50m

[MINI] Is the Internet Secure?

This episode explores the basis of why we can trust encryption.  Suprisingly, a discussion of looking up a word in the dictionary (binary search) and efficiently going wine tasting (the travelling salesman problem) help introduce computational...


 2014-10-31  26m

Practicing and Communicating Data Science with Jeff Stanton

Jeff Stanton joins me in this episode to discuss his book An Introduction to Data Science, and some of the unique challenges and issues faced by someone doing applied data science. A challenge to any data scientist is making sure they have a...


 2014-10-24  36m

[MINI] The T-Test

The t-test is this week's mini-episode topic. The t-test is a statistical testing procedure used to determine if the mean of two datasets differs by a statistically significant amount. We discuss how a wine manufacturer might apply a t-test to...


 2014-10-17  17m

Data Myths with Karl Mamer

Black out baby boom | Subliminal messages | Beer and Diapers


 2014-10-10  48m

Contest Announcement

The Data Skeptic Podcast is launching a contest- not one of chance, but one of skill. Listeners are encouraged to put their data science skills to good use, or if all else fails, guess! The contest works as follows. Below is some data about the...


 2014-10-08  12m