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The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

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[MINI] z-scores

This week's episode dicusses z-scores, also known as standard score. This score describes the distance (in standard deviations) that an observation is away from the mean of the population. A closely related top is the 68-95-99.7 rule which...


 2015-05-15  10m

Using Data to Help Those in Crisis

A DataKind project with Crisis Text Line and Pivotal for Good


 2015-05-08  34m

The Ghost in the MP3

Have you ever wondered what is lost when you compress a song into an MP3? This week's guest Ryan Maguire did more than that. He worked on software to issolate the sounds that are lost when you convert a lossless digital audio recording into a...


 2015-05-01  35m

Data Fest 2015

This episode contains converage of the 2015 Data Fest hosted at UCLA.  Data Fest is an analysis competition that gives teams of students 48 hours to explore a new dataset and present novel findings.  This year, data from


 2015-04-28  27m

[MINI] Cornbread and Overdispersion

For our 50th episode we enduldge a bit by cooking Linhda's previously mentioned "healthy" cornbread.  This leads to a discussion of the statistical topic of overdispersion in which the variance of some distribution is larger than what...


 2015-04-24  15m

[MINI] Natural Language Processing

This episode overviews some of the fundamental concepts of natural language processing including stemming, n-grams, part of speech tagging, and th bag of words approach.


 2015-04-17  13m

Computer-based Personality Judgments

Guest Youyou Wu discuses the work she and her collaborators did to measure the accuracy of computer based personality judgments. Using Facebook "like" data, they found that machine learning approaches could be used to estimate user's self assessment...


 2015-04-10  31m

[MINI] Markov Chain Monte Carlo

This episode explores how going wine testing could teach us about using markov chain monte carlo (mcmc).


 2015-04-03  15m

[MINI] Markov Chains

This episode introduces the idea of a Markov Chain. A Markov Chain has a set of states describing a particular system, and a probability of moving from one state to another along every valid connected state. Markov Chains are memoryless, meaning they...


 2015-03-20  11m

Oceanography and Data Science

Nicole Goebel joins us this week to share her experiences in oceanography studying phytoplankton and other aspects of the ocean and how data plays a role in that science.   We also discuss Thinkful where Nicole and I are both...


 2015-03-13  33m