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The Dead Games Society Podcast discusses out-of-print role-play games and game editions. Injecting humor into game-talk as well as having interesting interviews with the game designers who created our favorite RPG's.

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episode 1: Early Battletech and Mechwarrior with Fear the Boot!

Join the DGS as we talk with Fear the Boot's Daniel Repperger and Chris Hussey about the early editions of FASA's game of armored combat, Battletech and Mechwarrior!  Find out what it's all about and how to combine these two great games into one...


 2016-07-24  1h58m

episode 24: TSR's Marvel Superheroe Roleplay with Zak Sabbath

In episode #23 the DGS talks with Ennie award winning game designer, Zak Sabbath about one of his favorite out-of-print roleplaying games, TSR's Advanced Marvel Superheroes Roleplay Game.  Yes, we are going to get all into the classic FASEIP...


 2016-07-05  1h18m

 2016-06-18  1h54m

episode 22: Chronicling TSR with Pat Kilbane

An interview with Pat Kilbane


 2016-06-14  1h2m

episode 21: Jeffrey Talanian reviews the Holmes Edition

The Dead Games Society talks with Jeffrey Talanian, creator of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers, about his favorite dead edition of Dungeons and Drgaons, the legendary Holmes Edition!  It's a great hour of hearing Jeffrey's memory's regarding...


 2016-05-22  52m

episode 20: GaryconVIII Podcast Panel 2016 - pt2

Learn to make your own gaming podcast!


 2016-03-27  52m

episode 19: GaryconVIII Podcast Panel 2016 - pt1

How to create your own gaming podcast


 2016-03-27  57m

episode 18: GaryconVIII Podcast Panel 2016

The DGS goes into new terrain for this special two part episode on how to produce a gaming podcast.  Recorded at GaryconVIII, this is part 1 of the panel hosted by the Dead Games Society, Drink Spin Run, Gaming and BS, Game School, Cube of Death...


 2016-03-26  57m

episode 17: Elric of Melnibone RPG creator, Lawrence Whitaker

The Dead Games Society returns to the land of the living with an all new episode featuring Lawrence Whitaker, creator of the Elric of Melnibone RPG, as well as the author of the current sixth edition of Runequest!


 2016-03-15  1h13m

episode 16: Mayfair Games DC Heroes

It's a bird!  It's a plane! It's Mayfair Games DC Heroes!!!


 2015-09-07  1h22m