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episode 37: Major Tom Schueman - Always Faithful: The Ground View Story Of An Escape From The Taliban

In August of 2021, America ended its longest war. As the world watched the shocking scene at the Kabul airport, Marine Major Tom Schueman fought—both behind the scenes and through a social media campaign—to get his friend and former Afghan interpreter, Zak, out of Afghanistan before he and his family were discovered by the Taliban. This led to the release of ALWAYS FAITHFUL: A Story of the War in Afghanistan, the Fall of Kabul, and the Unshakable Bond Between a Marine and an Interpreter...


 2022-08-22  53m

episode 36: Kristen Bousquet - Creating Soulcial Influence

What do I charge for my Instagram? Wait - people make money with TikTok? Kristen Bousquet is a Charlotte-based content creator and influencer coach at Your Soulcialmate with a goal of educating entrepreneurial creators on how to turn their online influence into a profitable, self-sustaining business through her podcast "Soulcial Scoop," community FB group, and coaching programs. She wants creators to learn how to be successful digital biz owners while keeping the "soul" in "soulcial media...


 2022-08-15  54m

episode 35: Trish Jenkins - Your Home Studio On A Budget

Whether a C-Suite leader or new team member, the strongest prison bars holding you back, are in your head. That is what Trish Jenkins equips you to break free of. At the height of corporate and investment success, Trish was unwittingly caught up in a funds management scandal. Her boss stole millions of dollars from clients, including Trish. As a result, she fell in breach of the Corporations Act...


 2022-07-11  1h4m

episode 34: Kevin Kolbe - Stay Focused On Success

Kevin Kolbe is a TN-born, NC-based video producer and coach. He's been in media for a long, long time. Kevin started out on the radio, then got into TV working for FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliated stations in Nashville and Raleigh. After TV, Kolbe started his own video marketing business and now gets to help non-profits, businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world get into and do more with online video...


 2022-07-05  1h10m

episode 33: Kelly Roach - How To Be A Category Of One

In a world of trending fads, unqualified "influencers" and surface-level tactics that leave business owners exhausted, overwhelmed, and far from profitable.... Business Strategist Kelly Roach’s new book “Conviction Marketing” helps entrepreneurs uncover the secret ingredient to achieving authority and industry leadership in their field...


 2022-06-13  53m

episode 32: Stu Heinecke - How To Grow Your Business Like A Weed

Stu Heinecke is a bestselling business author, marketer and Wall Street Journal cartoonist. His first book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, introduced the concept of Contact Marketing and was named one of the top 64 sales books of all time. His latest release, How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed, lays out a complete model for explosive business growth, based on the strategies, attributes and tools weeds use to grow, expand, dominate and defend their turf...


 2022-06-06  59m

episode 31: Paul Bradley - The Pulse Of Your Online Community

Paul Bradley has been building community programs and teams for 10 years. He is the Global Community Manager for Agorapulse and is the Community Teammate and Aspiring Space Friend at Social Media Pulse. ????Connect With Paul: ✅ Social Media Pulse Community: ( ✅ Twitter: ( https://paul.dealcasters...


 2022-05-31  57m

episode 30: David Meerman Scott - The New Rules Of Marketing & PR

From podcasting to TikTok, the way we generate attention from buyers continues to rapidly evolve. Staying up to date can seem nearly impossible. How do you keep your organization from getting lost in the clutter? In the fully revised eighth edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, celebrated marketing strategist David Meerman Scott delivers the definitive guide to the future of marketing...


 2022-05-23  45m

episode 29: Kelly Noble Mirabella & Kendra Losee - Digital Etiquette For Dummies!

In our digital world, social media and web interaction are tailor-made for confusion and conflict. The time is right for a road map to getting your point across without getting on someone’s nerves. In their new book, Kelly and Kendra design a set of guidelines that improve clarity and positivity, limit conflict, and make virtual meetings much more productive. Kendra Losee is a digital marketing consultant, professor of social media marketing and Founder of Mota Marketing...


 2022-05-16  1h1m

episode 28: Doc Rock - Why You Cannot Avoid Live Video

Doc Rock is on a mission to positively touch the lives of a billion people through collaborating and sharing stories and ideas. His work as a YouTuber, Trainer, Speaker, Podcaster, Moderator and Designer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. Most recently he’s founded the Let’s Get Live (LGL) community which has helped provide a platform for people to help one another and learn and grow together. Our work is never, done so Let’s Get Live! ????Connect With Doc: ? YouTube: https://www...


 2022-05-09  1h17m