Hello and welcome to DEAR THERAPIST! I am Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro, psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and author based in Berlin and in Portugal. I created this podcast for those of you who sometimes wish for a little support in finding inner stability and strength when life gets tough and shaky. I also created this podcast for all of you who want to live their life to the fullest. Who not only want to find back to inner stability after a crisis but also wish to grow, to be brave, curious, adventurous, connected with their intuition and really go for their big dreams. I personally think life is far too precious to just settle with a job that is ok, with a relationship which is ok, with a daily life which is ok … don’t settle for boring ok, GO FOR WOW! So this podcast is all about how to create this WOW from within and live a fulfilled life. You will find inspirational real therapy and counselling sessions and interviews in this podcast, guided meditations as well as practical advice and excercises to strengthen your mental health...

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episode 2: Episode #45 Let`s Speak About Seasalt Therapy!

DEAR THERAPIST meet THE OCEAN SISTERS! “Especially in this surfer lifestyle, when you see my life from outside and when I talk to friends and people in Germany they say: what`s your f**ing problem?! You should be happy the whole day! And I am like:...


 2022-06-12  29m

episode 44: Episode #44 I Feel So Overwhelmed!

Can you relate to the feeling that sometimes it just seems to be TOO MUCH? To much for your body, too much for your mind, too much to handle things in a conscious and calm way and you simply feel overwhelmed?! In the new podcast episode of DEAR...


 2022-05-15  59m

Episode #43 About Creativity And Vulnerability

Let`s speak about how to access creativity through vulnerability!


 2021-11-21  53m

Episode #42 Things Therapists Say You Should Doubt

In this episode of DEAR THERAPIST I speak about things therapists say that you should doubt, question or at least not take for the only truth.


 2021-10-24  38m

Episode #41 Why Spiritual Psychology Is A Global Need

Why Spirituality and Spiritual Psychology became a global need.


 2021-08-01  25m

Episode #40 How do I find out what my vision is?



 2021-06-13  33m

Episode #39 How do I get clarity about what I want?

Make sure you watch this episode also on my Youtube to see the beautiful crystal bowls and how they are played! ????


 2021-05-30  1h2m

Episode #38 How do I stay confident in confusing times?

Which aspects should you focus on when you want to boost your self-confidence? How is it even possible to stay confident and true to yourself in confusing times when outside forces feel overwhelming? In my new podcast episode I speak...


 2021-05-02  23m

Episode #37 What if my surrounding sabotages my growth and healing?

In this episode I speak about the influence of your surrounding when it comes to healing and personal development.


 2021-04-04  34m

Episode #36 How do I heal?

In this episode I speak about holistic healing.


 2021-02-28  35m