Deconstructing Yourself

Dedicated to liberation in all its forms, Deconstructing Yourself is passionate about fearlessly investigating, attempting, and questioning all things to do with awakening, meditation, mindfulness, brain hacking, consciousness, neurofeedback, and more. Your host Michael W. Taft interviews some of the most interesting thinkers, authors, and teachers around, as well as other offerings. In this hard-hitting, radical, and fun podcast we look at secular post-, non-, un- Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Hindu Tantrism, philosophy, the neuroscience of the sense of self, neurofeedback and the consciousness hacking movement, aspects of artificial intelligence, entheogens, and much more. If you’re looking for fresh directions, free from dogma and conformism, think of the Deconstructing Yourself podcast as the radical cafe where you can hear from the most interesting luminaries either from the outside edges of dharma, or a fresh take from more traditional teachers. If you’re interested in more, check out the Deconstructing Yourself website at

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episode 47: Questioning Assumptions about Buddhism, with Evan Thompson

Evan Thompson discusses his new book, “Why I Am Not a Buddhist” with host Michael Taft.



episode 46: The Nondual Heart, with John Prendergast

Nondual teacher and psychotherapist John Prendergast speaks with host Michael Taft about the heart area as an opening to infinite space, and more.



episode 45: Nonduality and Awake Awareness, with Loch Kelly

Nondual teacher and psychotherapist Loch Kelly speaks with host Michael Taft about what nondualism.



episode 44: Meditating with Buddhist Sutras, with Michael Owens

Host Michael Taft speaks with Michael Owens about Buddhist sutras as portals to alternate realities, understanding dependent origination, the nondual ground and extreme psychedelia of the Mahayana sutras, Suchness as the opposite of Emptiness, and more.


 2019-12-28  1h16m

episode 42: Reversing the Stack— A Nondual Practice Map, with Michael Taft

In this episode, host Michael Taft remixes his map of deconstructing sensory experience, and talks about how to use it to work in nondual traditions.


 2019-11-22  34m

episode 41: What Does Dreaming Have to Do with Meditation? with Andrew Holecek

Host Michael Taft speaks with Dream Yoga expert Andrew Holecek about how the dream state (and dreamless sleep) can effect meditation practice.


 2019-10-23  1h7m

Deconstructing Sensory Experience, with Michael Taft

In this episode, host Michael Taft shares a map of deconstructing sensory experience. This is intended to help orient you to your vipassana meditation practice; helping you to understand where you’re at, where you’re going, and what to look f


 2019-09-24  47m

Vajrayana, Engineering, and Jiu Jitsu, with Rin’dzin Pamo

Host Michael Taft speaks with Vajrayana teacher Rin’dzin Pamo about Vajrayana meditation practice currently, adapting practices for our times, their practice of The Mind Illuminated, the role of the guru in practice, how meditation practice is like


 2019-08-13  1h0m

Why Metadharma?, Pt. 2, with Vincent Horn

Why Metadharma? is an unusual episode of the Deconstructing Yourself podcast, in that it’s Part 2 of a joint interview between Vince and Michael Taft. Part 1 appeared on the Buddhist Geeks podcast recently, and they continue the conversation here. The to


 2019-07-31  39m

Meditation, Emotions, and the Bio-Emotive Framework with Douglas Tataryn

Host Michael Taft speaks with clinical psychologist and life coach, Douglas Tataryn, Ph.D. about meditation and psychology. Topics include his work with meditation teachers such as Culadasa, the “wake up, clean up, grow up, and look around” m


 2019-07-14  1h23m