DY 027 –“Feminism, Sexual Misconduct, and the Guru in Buddhism” with Chandra Easton

      Chandra Easton and Michael Taft talk about gender and sexual misconduct in Buddhism, why compassion must be a part of spiritual practice, and the place of the guru in modern culture. Chandra shares her personal story of dealing with sexual misconduct at



      DY 026 – “Deconstructing Michael” – with guest Erik Newton

      Turning the tables on the usual show format, host Michael Taft gets interviewed by Erik Newton. They talk about the meaning of awakening, the paradox of suffering, the end of seeking, the value of personal experience vs. scriptural understanding, Erik


       2018-09-19  1h3m

      DY 025 –“Emptiness, Liberation, and Beauty” – with guest Rob Burbea

      In this episode host Michael Taft speaks with Rob Burbea about Rob’s book, Seeing that Frees, the power of perception (ways of seeing), his creative methods of working with meditation practice, meditating with a more analytical vs more phenomenolog


       2018-08-27  n/a

      DY 024 –“Walking, Nature, and Engaged Buddhism”– with guest Christopher Titmuss

      In this episode, host Michael W. Taft speaks with senior dharma teacher Christopher Titmuss about yatra—meditative pilgrimage without a destination—the power of nature, the importance of deconstructing the self, the psychedelic 60s, Vietnam, engaged Budd


       2018-08-14  n/a

      DY 023 –“Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, and Consciousness”– with guest Evan Thompson

      In this episode, philosopher, author, and meditator, Evan Thompson speaks with host Michael Taft. Topics include: the meaning of awakening; lucid dreaming and noticing the construction of the waking state; the 3-fold structure of Awareness, Contents of A


       2018-06-30  1h17m

      DY 022 –“Are More People Achieving Stream Entry These Days?”– with guest Culadasa

      In this episode host Michael Taft speaks with meditation teacher, neuroscientist, and author John Yates, also known as Culadasa. Topics covered include: Are more people achieving stream entry these days?, a clear definition of stream entry, the Buddha


       2018-06-11  1h24m

      DY 021 –“Emotions, Stress, and Heartbreak” – with guest Eve Ekman

      In this episode emotions researcher and meditation teacher Eve Ekman speaks with Michael W. Taft about embodied emotions, the difference between suppression and healthy expression, impermanence of sensation and moment by moment contact with emotion, emot


       2018-05-29  1h31m

      DY 020 –“Why Good Teachers Go Bad”– with guest Shinzen Young

      In this special one-year anniversary episode, Shinzen Young talks with host Michael W. Taft about becoming a meditation teacher, de-fucking yourself and others, the unrealistic paradigm about what meditation delivers, Shinzen’s codependency disaster, Bil


       2018-05-18  1h30m

      DY 019 –“Deconstructing Dependent Arising”– with guest Leigh Brasington

      Leigh Brasington speaks with host Michael W. Taft about Dependent Arising. Dependent Arising, also called Dependent Origination, is a Buddhist theory of reality that is famously complex, arcane, important, and fascinating. In this episode they discuss ea


       2018-04-29  n/a

      DY 018 –“Seeing Your Blind Spots”– with guest Kelly Boys

      Kelly Boys talks with Michael Taft about integral restoration, nondual awakening, the work of Kahneman, spiritual bypassing, gendered aspects of awakening and spiritual teaching, when knowing less is better, engaged Buddhism, Christianity and the experie


       2018-04-15  46m