Deeply Human

Why you do what you do! Exploring our loves, our fears, our habits and hopes, Dessa takes a deeply personal look at what lies behind our thoughts and behavior. Can a better understanding of human nature help us be more generous with other people’s weird behavior and even our own?Deeply Human is a BBC World Service and American Public Media coproduction with iHeartMedia.

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episode 3: Nakedness

Why aren’t you naked?


 2022-03-04  28m

episode 2: Dance

Why do our bodies react to rhythm?


 2022-02-25  28m

episode 1: Accents

Heyo, why do you talk like that?


 2022-02-18  28m

Trailer: Season Two

Monogamy, sleep deprivation, high fashion, and avant-garde Japanese dance—that’s right Deeply Human is coming back with a bang. In season 2, Dessa, speaks to psychologists, animal behaviorists, mathematicians, historians, and one legendary DJ to ask the evergreen question: why do you do what you do? Why does music animate our bodies? Why are we so keen to form social hierarchies? Why do humans use intoxicants? We’re talking about everyone’s favorite topic—you...


 2022-01-31  2m

episode 12: Death

It’s time to talk.


 2021-05-24  25m

episode 11: Deja Vu

What that feeling that you have lived all this before means.


 2021-05-17  24m

episode 10: Teenage Brain

Why adolescence is so weird.


 2021-05-10  24m

episode 9: Sad Music

Why we love sad songs.


 2021-05-03  24m

episode 8: Menopause

What whales and women have in common.


 2021-04-26  24m

episode 7: Spooked

Why you think there really is something out there.


 2021-04-19  24m