Defender Of The Realm

Did you play Dungeons and Dragons when you were a kid and now have progressed to games like Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age? If so then this podcast is for you!! Each week The Knight Of The Realm will discuss video games in the realms of fantasy, sword and sorcery as well as similar roleplaying games.

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Recently released for the PS4, this game is a spin-off from the famed Yakuza series. Is it comparable to Sleeping Dogs?


 2019-07-01  12m

True Nordic Hero Build For Skyrim

This week I discuss a character build that revolves around a Nord that sees Skyrim in a state of chaos and vows to clean it up and be a hero for his or her people. I talk about my character’s backstory and how creating a great backstory can make your play through more exciting!


 2019-06-07  30m

Blood Archer Build For Skyrim

Okay so this build is actually a Vampire Assassin but BLOOD ARCHER just sounds cooler! As with all of my builds, this is a suggestion at a fun character so feel free to modify it for your own enjoyment. In this build I focus on the characters backstory and play style, including quests I’ll pursue. I discuss major skills, perks, shouts and touch on equipment......enjoy!


 2019-05-31  25m

For Honor

When this game came out in 2017 I gave up on it pretty quickly but recent updates and talk piqued my interest. This is a fresh look at For Honor and seeing the positive changes Ubisoft made. This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard Send in a voice message:


 2019-05-22  20m

Watch Dogs 1&2

Rumor has it that Ubisoft will announce Watch Dogs 3 at E3 so this week I’m looking back at the first two games.


 2019-05-11  20m

World War Z

Released under the radar, this third person shooter loosely based on the book but more so on the film has been exceeding expectations! This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard


 2019-05-01  25m

Video Game News-April 18, 2019

What’s new in the world of video games? Find out everything going on, what I’m playing and as promised here’s the link to the video I reference, thank you to OutStar:


 2019-04-18  16m

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

For the first time ever I discuss an arcade game! Star Wars month continues with my look at Star Wars Trilogy arcade edition. This was a fun rail shooter with cool bonus games. Plus.....I review the episode 9 teaser trailer!


 2019-04-13  22m

Video Game News week of 4/8/2019

A new weekly segment where I look at some of the latest video game news, offer opinions and tell you what I’ve been playing the past week.


 2019-04-08  18m

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

This is the OG Star Wars game and I’m honored to talk about it! For no reason at all I’m declaring April Star Wars month! This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard


 2019-04-01  26m