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This is what really happens behind the scenes of a Hedge Fund or Asset Manager. World Markets are 24/7 - are you cut out for it? Trade setups for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Commodities Markets. Commodities Charting, Soybeans, Crude Oil, Bonds, Euro E6, British Pound B6, Swiss Franc, Gold, Nikkei, Nasdaq, E-Mini's. Plus, a lot of philosophical rambling out of my corona exile in Europe. No music, fillers or thrills. Just markets as I see them. Come join me and interact. Sometimes, I will use this tool as an old fashioned Squawk Box! NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE

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Bitcoin Bottom Update 6.25.2021

In my opinion, it is relatively save to assume that, the bottom has been found in Bitcoin, after weeks of sideways trading. We detected multiple 13 counts of various measures and finally show an upcount of 1. The next ten plus days will show if this trend is able to break out to the upside. Again, posted charts will give a clear picture. Although, very often, algos try to distorted these newly forming trends in taking counter measures. 

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 2021-06-25  2m

Bitcoin Briefing June 13/2021

More downside to come, be patient, follow the chart and don't overthink. Markets are at crucial points and all eyes on FED and potential answer to inflation. There will be a better entry point into Bitcoin.

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 2021-06-13  3m

Daily market Brief bitcoin May 28, 2021

There was more pain! There’s always more pain, when you are a contrarian buyer on weakness. This is the reason why you should layer yourself into a reversing position. Yesterdays 3 up count, quickly reversed into a sequential 10 count with possibly more pain to come for three days, or until we reach another level of upward pressure. --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-28  3m

Daily market Brief bitcoin May 27, 2021

Don’t panic, nobody said it was going to be easy. Our risk level sits at 37.555,85 with an upside of 59,592,20. Not too shabby really, these risk levels can also be breached and very often overshoot - but come right back up in your direction. So, don’t panic and follow the plan! --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-27  3m

Daily market brief bitcoin May 25, 2021

As I had remarked in my last podcast, the bottom in Bitcoin is in, and with it, the bottom in Litecoin and ethereum as well. Also, there is a top in the euro currency building correlating a bottom in the Dixie DXY dollar index. I believe, the time to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency’s, mainly Litecoin and Ethereum, is now. I will keep everyone updated on trend change and when to lighten up, in case of a more permanent reversal...


 2021-05-26  6m

Bitcoin market Brief May 20, 2021

Ahhh yes, the headlines, always get the best of you don’t they? Yesterday was a perfect example why you should tune out mass media. Follow a great trading plan, stick to it, try to keep your emotions completely out of trading. Bitcoin is the single greatest revolution the financial markets have ever seen, the old school investors are trying hard to discredit and sanction cryptocurrencies, as much as it’s in their power...


 2021-05-20  7m

Daily market brief on bitcoin May 19, 2021

A bottom developing in bitcoin is, in my opinion, a great opportunity to buy the dip. This bottom might take up to one week to fully develop and there is always the risk that it will not ever find the desired up-swing. For now, I am following my plan until the upswing or, a total fail, is achieved. --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-19  1m

Bitcoin Brief May 18, 2021

Oh yes, I ran head on into the inflation scare within an Apple options play. Last weeks bitcoin call was much better, in that regard, I had advised on a possible rapid downward move. Now, the bottom in bitcoin is in and you can buy as much as you can get your hands on. Timing is everything! --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-18  1m

Daily market brief May 10, 2021 on Bitcoin

Looks like a slow start to the week after Friday’s massive moves in the FX market, mainly the Euro and the DXY index. Soybeans and soybean meal also had a great move to the upside on Friday. Looking for an opportunity to deploy capital, I noticed Bitcoin ready for a correction, which would make it a great target for me, and a possible entrance to a long position. --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-10  2m

Daily market Brief May 7, 2021

How much stronger can the Euro get? Overall positive development for the United States market, although, FED officials are now calling for a cautious approach when investing. I am always looking over my shoulder - looking for opportunities to short. Right now, I don’t see any. Still, tread lightly going forward. --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-05-07  1m