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episode 24: 305-Muscle

Broadcast initiation... Failure Contacting Host… Failure Unable to establish connection to Host… Contacting "The Archive"… Connection established Emergency Backups accessed… selecting… Muscle… broadcast begun


 2018-05-01  7m

episode 23: 304- Laying Low

Another Episode to help you survive in the shadows, this week we talk about what to do when your luck runs out and you need to let the heat die off.    Email:  Facebook Patreon Offical DA Merch


 2018-04-24  10m

episode 22: 303- Location:Seattle Downtown

When you're alone and life is making you lonely, where can you always go? That's right chummers DOWNTOWN!!! In today's episode, our illustrious hosts are continuing their location series. We cover some of the highlights of the downtown area and some thin...


 2018-04-17  14m

episode 21: 302- The law

Hey chums,  You ever wonder who is on the other side of your sites when you're going on runs? Well, Deniable Assets is here to tell you all about our illustrious boys in Blue. This weeks episode is all about the fuzz, the stars, the corporate cops and na...


 2018-04-10  14m

episode 20: 301- Back in the saddle

Season 3 is finally here folks!!! Its been too long and we know that you missed us. In this episode, everyone favorite hosts talk about a topic they've become refamiliarized with recently. Laying low! We want to thank everyone for their continued support...


 2018-04-03  10m

episode 19: Tales of Deniable Assets Ep.6-One life ends, Another one begins

Thank you for listening to this presentation of Tales of Deniable assets.    Credits: Vocal Talent (in order of appearance) James Stutheit James Wiley Mack Johnson Chelsea Wiley Brandon Speiser Emily Baker   Written by Mack Johnson Sound Editing and Prod...


 2017-10-24  8m

episode 18: 204- Coyotes

On tonights episode we explore the wild world of the modern wild west. Coyotes, or by there more common name, smugglers. Anything,anywhere,anytime if you can think it they can transport it.  Thank you all for your continued support   Email: Realdeniablea...


 2017-10-10  11m

episode 17: 203- Public enemy #1

On today's episode Wolf and Clean tell you about the worlds most hated enemy and beloved friend. DRUGS!!!!    Thank you all for your continued support  Facebook:  Email: Patreon:


 2017-10-03  12m

episode 16: 202- Halls Of Montezuma

In todays episode we are talking about everyones favorite country, Aztlan!  From Drug cartles going legit to blood sacrifices on a national scale, come and learn about the most intresting/terrifiying country around.    Thank you all for your continued su...


 2017-09-26  18m

episode 15: 201- Ghost Cartels

OY CHUMS!!!! Welcome back to season 2 of your favorite show and mine Deniable Assets. On this episode our intrepd hosts talk about organizations that have been haunting (see what i did there) the shadows practically since their inception. Ghost Cartels! ...


 2017-09-19  12m