Dental Realist Podcast

The Dental Realist Podcast is unlike any other dental podcast. As three practicing dentists we have learned many things that we wish we'd known before dental school graduation, and we are here to give future, new, and veteran dentists the help they need to have a more enjoyable career.

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episode 47: Staying Positive in Trying Times

Even though most dentists are only allowed to treat emergency patients right now, there are still some ways to stay positive and also tackle some necessary projects at the office. We discuss some ways to find positivity during this stressful time as...



episode 46: The COVID-19 Effect on Dentistry

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life and is now having a profound effect on dentistry. On Episode 46 we discuss: -The ADA's recommendations for dental practices -How dentists are coping during this crisis -How the virus has changed...



episode 45: Standing Up To Insurance Companies w/ Benjamin Tuinei

On Episode 45 we talk with Benjamin Tuinei to discuss how dentists can fight against low insurance reimbursements. Mr. Tuinei is the founder and CEO of Veritas Dental Resources and host of The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast. We cover a variety of...


 2020-02-26  49m

episode 44: Preparing for Board Exams

Clinical board exam time is one of the most stressful periods during dental school. On Episode 44 we discuss how to best prepare for boards in the weeks and days prior. We also relive some of our memories from our boards and discuss some ideas to...


 2020-02-21  42m

episode 43: Deciding on a Job After Dental School

Choosing which job to pursue after dental school can be one of the dental student's most important decisions. On Episode 43 we discuss our individual stories for getting started after dental school, when dental students should start researching job...


 2020-01-20  40m

episode 42: Holiday Bonuses for the Dental Team

The dental team is one of the most important assets of an enjoyable dental career. During the holidays the dental team is usually given a bonus of some kind, but how do you know how much to give each team member? And how do you scale back if your...


 2019-11-16  44m

episode 41: Helping Private Practices Stay Competitive

With the cost of running a dental practice getting more expensive, the rise of DSOs, and the changing dental marketplace how do private practice dentists stay competitive? To help dentists and future dentists navigate their careers during these...


 2019-08-01  46m

episode 40: Burnout in Dentistry

Burnout in dentistry has become a hot-button issue in recent years with more and more dentists being willing to admit they have experienced moderate to severe stress at some point in their careers.  How is burnout defined?  How does burnout...


 2019-07-07  52m

episode 39: Challenging Patients and Diagnoses

Every dentist encounters patients who have oral hygiene issues that are difficult to diagnose and questions that may not have clear-cut answers. Also, some patients claim to have immaculate oral hygiene home care, but still get cavities and want to...


 2019-06-13  44m

episode 38: How Decisions in Dentistry Impact Your Life

Decisions during your dental career are some of the most important you will make throughout your life. From deciding to go to dental school to deciding where to practice, decisions in dentistry can impact your life for years to come. What should be...


 2019-05-29  50m