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Dentists advance in practice ownership clinically and profitably with Jayme Amos on the Ideal Practices Podcast. He’s the bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices. Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice. Jayme Amos is the founder of where tens of thousands visit his site. His bestselling book, Practice Location is in its second edition and his Ideal Practices podcast is one of the highest ranking in dentistry.

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- Special Associates Episode - 4 Expert Roundtable format...powerful content!

What legal "stuff" do Associates need to know? And... What do OWNERS need to know about legal protections with Associates? Today you'll find out from the 4 of the best minds in dentistry. This is the expert roundtable discussion that will blow your...


 2017-06-29  1h7m

3 Ways Dentists get FREE PUBLICITY

Learn how any dentist can get free publicity…in your local town or with national exposure on today’s Ideal Practices episode. Today, you’ll learn 3 specific plans to get you and your practice free publicity. This means more new patients for the...


 2017-05-13  43m

What is your metric? KEY practice management REPORTS...with data behind the #1 Job in America

Today, learn the power of the right metrics… And the real-life danger of the wrong data. Hear the data behind the #1 job in America in today’s Ideal Practices podcast! Best, Jayme


 2017-03-30  8m

What?! 12 CE on a CRUISE SHIP…with hundreds of dentists…

This could possibly be the most interesting concept in Dentistry today: 1. A 3 day Team meeting… 2. On a Cruise ship… 3. with 12CE… 4. learning from dozens of expert courses… 5. With HUNDREDS OF DENTISTS! My good friend is the genius behind...


 2017-03-26  47m

3D Printing for Solo-Dentists – the future is HERE!

I’ve been a 3D-Printing “groupie” for a long time. If the technology had a tour bus, I’d be on it. And now for solo-docs, the reality of 3D Printing here. Today’s episode will show you this incredible tech that’s available. Outside of...


 2017-03-09  47m

#1 Startup Plan – for success

#1 Way to Open a STARTUP PRACTICE with Success BODY: I’m asked all the time, “what’s the #1 thing that makes your startup-clients succeed?” Great question. Listen to this important episode here. I rarely discuss...


 2017-03-06  13m

Ethical Communication – How to GET MORE YESES in CASE ACCEPTANCE

Patients don’t want to be “sold”. And NO COLLEAGUE should ever push unnecessary treatment. We agree on that. Truth is, you can follow a simple “Ethical Communication” process. When you do, patients will benefit…and your practice will too....


 2017-03-03  52m

When to participate with PPOs…(are they jerks?)

Warning: This episode is controversial. Sometimes I say, “Participate requires self-medication” PPOs are the anger of many private practice owners…and for good reason. But WHEN does it make sense to sign up with PPOs? Today, I’ll teach you...


 2017-02-21  17m


LIVE [inside an airplane] -- The TOP SCRIPT to deepen PATIENTS’ TRUST BODY: Get ready to write down 2 simple sentences to get more TRUST with patients…and improve patient RELATIONSHIPS. Today you’ll be on an airplane. Literally. This episode was...


 2017-02-17  14m

Patient REFERRALS…is the traditional model BROKEN?? Learn this Expert’s Solution…

The referral model in dentistry has been unchanged for decades. Is that good? …Or is it broken? Today we’ll review the “traditional” referral model. ..and solutions that work. In this expert interview, you’ll hear: - The...


 2017-02-15  59m