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Destination Linux is a weekly conversational podcast about sharing our passion for Linux & Open Source. Destination Linux is a show for all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner to Linux or a Master Sudoer so you'll enjoy great content like the latest news, discussions, gaming on Linux and fantastic unique in-depth interviews hosted by Ryan, Michael and Noah. Website: | Network:

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205: Home Sweet Home Labs

Setting up a proper home lab can be tons of fun and provide you with invaluable knowledge and increase your productivity, privacy, and security all in one. That’s why this week we’re going to be discussing the must-have home server setups you don’t wan...


 2020-12-22  48m

204: Interview with Red Hat’s Mike McGrath About CentOS Stream

This week Red Hat made some waves with the news regarding CentOS. We’re going to dive deep into this topic as we’re joined by Mike McGrath, Red Hat’s Vice President of Engineering to discuss the news and Mike will take us through the details on CentOS ...


 2020-12-15  57m

203: TOR De Force of M1 Mac

This week we’re going to dive into the world of TOR, the Onion Router. Is Tor a good way to stay private on the internet? Is using the Tor Browser really safe? Can you truly remain anonymous using this tool?


 2020-12-10  58m

202: Is PipeWire Ready To Takeover Linux Audio? Plus Right To Repair EU Directive

This week we’re going to dive into the world of Audio in Linux. For the majority of users Pulseaudio seems to do most everything you expect, however, that’s not always the case when it comes to more professional audio support.


 2020-12-02  40m

201: Interview with Tutanota Plus $6 Billion IPO for SUSE?

Thank you to everyone who joined us LIVE to celebrate 200 Episodes of Destination Linux! We had an absolute blast during Game Fest and can’t wait to do another event in the near future! Thank you to everyone for helping us get to 200 episodes of the be...


 2020-11-25  1h2m

Anti-Virus On Linux: Should You Use One? | Destination Linux 200

On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we have a great episode in store for you. We’re going to talk about the marketshare potential of Linux. Growth numbers in the 300% range and wondering how this is going to translate to the Linux desktop.


 2020-11-18  59m

Destination Linux 199: Linux Hardware Galore with Raspberry Pi, Nvidia & Dell

On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new exciting Pi and an Nvidia entering the arena as well with their own Pi-like competitor. We’ve got some great news this week from Dell as they are pushing to improve...


 2020-11-11  59m

Destination Linux 198: Interview with Neal Gompa, Fedora Contributor

This week we have an awesome interview with Neal Gompa, Fedora Contributor, about Fedora 33, BTRFS and his Journey into Linux. We also discuss that status of Accessiblity in Linux. Linux is Everywhere, even in Space as afterall . . .


 2020-11-04  1h5m

Destination Linux 197: Jill is Back! Plus Ubuntu 20.10, youtube-dl DMCA Takedown & More

This week we’re going to take a look at Cloud Migration & Backup Strategies and we ask the question what should your personal cloud strategy be. Then we’re going to take a look at Ubuntu 20.10 and see what new features are available in this latest rele...


 2020-10-28  59m

Destination Linux 196: Going Sub-Atomic With Quantum Computing

This week We’re going to take a look at what’s new for KDE’s latest Plasma 5.20 release! We’re going visit the Quantum Realm to discuss Quantum Computing and an article Red Hat released about the subject including what sysadmins will need to do to mana...


 2020-10-21  52m