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Destination Linux is a weekly conversational podcast about sharing our passion for Linux & Open Source. Destination Linux is a show for all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner to Linux or a Master Sudoer so you'll enjoy great content like the latest news, discussions, gaming on Linux and fantastic unique in-depth interviews hosted by Ryan, Michael and Noah. Website: | Network:

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Destination Linux EP10 – Chat with Matt

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 10 A Chat With Matt for 02-24-17 News AMD Ryzen goes on sale March 2nd for under $500 fossbytes article on specs Intel Core i7-6900K comparable to the 1800k Oh happy day! Linus Torvalds has given the world Linux 4.


 2017-04-03  1h5m

Destination Linux EP08 – Solus with Special Guest Ikey Doherty

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 08 for 02-05-17 We have as our guest Ikey Doherty founder of the Solus Project. Ikey shares what is going on with the project including what to look for in future releases of Solus.


 2017-04-03  2h8m

Destination Linux EP06 – You've Got Mail!

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 06 You’ve Got Mail for 1-20-17 News Valve Rolls Out New Steam Client Stable Update with Promised Linux Changes Mesa 17 Gets a First Release Candidate, Final Planned for Early February 2017 Canonical Patches Nvidia G...


 2017-04-03  1h16m

Destination Linux EP04 – This Mate Is Brisk!

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 04 This Mate Is Brisk! for 1-7-16 We are switching podcast upload providers from Soundcloud to Podomatic which means you will have to resubscribe to the RSS feed to continue to receive the podcast.


 2017-04-03  1h5m

Destination Linux EP03 – Linux 2016 & Beyond…

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 03 for 12-31-16 Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully nobody was bad enough to get Windows 10 for Christmas Top 3 Distros of 2016 in no particular order Rob Ubuntu Mate Antergos MX-16 Rocco Ubuntu Mate KDE Neon M...


 2017-04-03  1h36m

Destination Linux EP02 – Dolphins Are Cool!

Welcome To Destination Linux Episode 02 – Dolphins Are Cool! for 12-22-16 We would like to extend our thanks to Dolphin Oracle from the MX Linux team for sitting down with us and discussing their latest release MX16 Merry Christmas to everyone and hope...


 2017-04-03  43m

Destination Linux EP14 – Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 14 with Joe Ressington for 03-31-17 Thank you Joe for taking the time to join us. Be sure to check out the Late Night Linux podcast and you can find Joe on Twitter, LNL or Joe’s blog Thanks for Watching  


 2017-04-03  1h30m

Destination Linux EP13 – AJ Reissig

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 13 with guest AJ Reissig for 03-24-17 News Mate 1.18 Released Microsoft now blocks Windows 7 and 8.1 updates on Kaby Lake, Ryzen systems Wine 2.4 Has Fixes for Aliens vs. Predator, The Next BIG Thing,


 2017-04-03  1h5m

Destination Linux EP11 – Oh No!

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 11 Oh No! for 03-03-17 News GNOME 3.24 Desktop Environment Prepares for March 22 Release Kaby Lake is unleashed with Linux kernel 4.10 Mozilla Corp acquires Pocket OMGUbuntu Article Wine 1.8.


 2017-04-03  1h3m

Destination Linux EP09 – Gnomearrific

Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 09 Gnomearrific for 02-17-17 Install KDE Connect on ubuntu Destination Linux Telegram group News GPD Pocket Cherry Trail 7″ Portable Computer Runs Ubuntu 16.04 or Windows 10 Munich City Government to Dump Linux Desk...


 2017-04-03  1h26m