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DHUnplugged #443: The Glass is Fully Full

Pricing in every headwind to be resolved favorably, markets continue to be in rally mode. Word that there may be a deal at hand for a government spending bill helped to propel market higher – just a few days after markets were spooked by comments that ...



DHUnplugged #442: BTD Or STR ?

No major tweets to sidetrack investors. The Fed is more accommodating and investors like what they see through this earnings season. Of course buybacks are starting up again after black-out periods as well – helping to push up markets.



DHUnplugged #441: Yearning for Earnings

The government is open again – at least for the next three weeks. It is going to be a very long week as earnings and economic data are flowing. A few cuts to guidance and poor earnings reports may derail the January rally.



DHUnplugged #440: Cloudy with a Chance of Correction

IMF lowers their outlook for global growth. At the same time, conflicting headlines about trade talks punish markets. After a few weeks of a reflexive rally, is it time for consolidation? There are plenty of stocks that are now “overbought” and could s...



DHUnplugged #439: Black Eyed Finance

Here we go…. Earnings are starting to roll in and already we are seeing a plenty of disappointments. The good news is that investors may have priced in the worst case. The government shutdown may cost the economy much more that originally anticipated.


 2019-01-16  59m

DHUnplugged #438: Ringing It In

2019 here we come! Markets look as though they are trying to dig out of a major hole with earnings season just around the corner. Oversold to overbought in just a week – we take a look at some key indicators and explore their meaning.


 2019-01-09  1h0m

DHunplugged #437: 2018 Compiled (Part 2)

Not a “Best of” – this is so much better. A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2018. In this episode (Part 2), we look back on Tariffs, Record Highs/Lows, The Fed and A JCD compilation.


 2019-01-02  1h4m

DHUnplugged #436: 2018 Compiled (Part1)

Not a “Best of” – this is so much better. A chronological compilation, separated by subject from DHUnplugged Podcasts aired in 2018. In this episode (Part 1), we look back on Oil, Bitcoin, Trump and Elon Musk/Tesla.


 2018-12-30  1h24m

DHUnplugged #435: A Halibut’s Dream

Nothing seems to help markets that are in a tailspin. When is it time to start think about possibly dipping into some names that are flashing oversold readings? The price of oil is plunging. While that is good for consumers – what does that say about t...


 2018-12-19  1h4m

DHUnplugged #434: Odious

Extreme volatility as investors go from euphoria to hysteria – all in a matter of hours. Headlines continue to come fast and furious creating a minefield for investors. As the end of the year approaches, will that sought after rally take hold?


 2018-12-12  1h2m