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Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance and economy like no one else.


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episode 512: DHUnplugged #512: Shaken Not Stirred

A few important items to keep an eye on. Some big news in the airline space and an update on the worrisome trend with new cases around the country. We also have some thoughts on the upcoming employment report – to be released on Thursday.



episode 511: DHUnplugged #511: A Gusher of Liquidity

Markets continue to ride high on the liquidity from global central banks. The USD is sinking – a good tailwind for US companies. A gigantic gaffe by Navarro about the trade deal – or was it? New highs for the NASDAQ as investors gobble up stocks Fed Li...



episode 510: DHUnplugged #510: All In For The Win

Markets getting a lift from some good economic news, combined with news from the Fed. Covid-19 spikes in several states are starting to spook investors, even as buy-the-dip is still alive and well. Petitions to take down statues,



episode 509: DHUnplugged #509: A Swing and a Miss

Markets are in a frenzy. Jobs numbers post a surprising gain as economists and analysts are dumbfounded. Retail traders are betting big on bankrupt companies – as free money creates unprecedented moral hazard. Oh, an now – Fake Eggs are coming.



episode 508: DHUnplugged #508: The Casino Is Open

Nothing appears to be able to stop the bulls from buying every dip. Even when there isn’t a dip, they continue to buy – regardless of headwinds or valuation concerns. Big week for economic data – although that doesn’t seem to matter either… Announcing ...


 2020-06-03  1h3m

episode 507: DHUnplugged #507: Socialized Capitalism

Markets reacting violently to headlines of every vaccine trial. Questioning – is this socialized capitalism? Real Estate over-bidding again and more global stimulus on the way. Fed Limericks are Back! PLUS we are now on Spotify !


 2020-05-27  1h2m

episode 506: DHUnplugged #506: More Free Money

New stimulus and more money to families under discussion. Retail sales drop the most on record and unemployment is approaching historic levels. New evidence that there is massive foreign money coming into U.S. markets YES – Limericks are Back!


 2020-05-20  1h2m

episode 505: DHUnplugged #505: The Fickle Trickle

The rally Continues – 14.7% Unemployment seems okay considering… Markets are in rally mode as stimulus keeps on trickling down (or is it up?) – until they don’t. YES – Limericks are Back! PLUS we are now on Spotify !


 2020-05-13  59m

episode 504: DHUnplugged #504: The Grand Re-Opening

The grand-reopening under new (and old) management begins. Markets seem uninterested with the idea that the economy is in a depressed state. Treatments are creating a buzz, hope is in the air that a vaccine/cure will be forthcoming.


 2020-05-06  1h2m

episode 503: DHUnplugged #503: Slope of Hope

Oil is once again sliding down that slope of no-hope. Stocks are climbing on earnings hope. States are starting to open on a rolling basis – what is on the other side of this disaster? New rules for the PPP and the real reason that states are pushing t...


 2020-04-29  58m