DH Unplugged

Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance and economy like no one else.




      DHUnplugged #431: The Comeuppance

      There are plenty of reasons for buyers to be stepping away. Social media and other companies that have been preying on customers are finally getting their comeuppance. Oil falls below $58 per barrel and much more discussed in this episode.



      DHUnplugged #430: Election Direction

      Plenty of experts debating on the direction of the markets post mid-term elections. We take a look at some potential outcomes. A quick market update and some interesting insights. Plus – Apple’s earnings, economics,



      DHUnplugged #429: HalloWeenieMarkets

      October is known for scary things. But this market selloff is really starting to unnerve investors. Plenty of spooky headlines are leading the way causing some panic and disorderly selling. We find some interesting statistical anomalies that may be poi...



      DHUnplugged #428: Painful Probing

      Sellers have emerged with a vengeance over the past couple of weeks. Earnings are spotty and there was clearly a bit too much exuberance going into this quarter. Yet, after a very poor opening, buyers started to nibble and that helped to rescue markets...



      DHUnplugged #427: Sinkhole

      Markets have seen a pronounced change in appetite for risk over the past couple of weeks. With earnings season now beginning, will that change? Beneath the markets there has been a good amount of carnage that has create a cavity that was open and ready...



      DHUnplugged #426: Bull/Bear Cage-Fight

      Rates are rising and equity markets are not too keen on that. The good news is getting too good and that is setting up expectations for more rate hikes to come. China adds stimulus in the form of lower reserve requirements,


       2018-10-10  1h3m

      DHUnplugged #425: TriggerFree Jazzy Hands

      Trade dispute with Canada appears to be resolved and markets respond positively. Oil prices continue to surge and Fed continues to ratchet rates higher. News on the employment picture are coming that will give us one more piece of evidence about the di...


       2018-10-03  1h1m

      DHUnplugged #424: The Trade Kerfuffle

      What to call it? If it looks like a trade-war, swims like a trade-war, and quacks like a trade-war, then it probably is a trade-war. But call it what you will…. Plenty of M&A news this week and an update on the never-ending buybacks that are helping to...


       2018-09-26  1h2m

      DHUnplugged #423: Storm Approaching

      Hurricane Florence is on her way to the east coast of the U.S. A storm is also starting to build within the fixed income arena that will be explored. Plus – a look at the latest economic reports and stocks to watch.


       2018-09-12  1h2m

      DHUnplugged #422: Burning Down Da’ Shoes

      Emerging markets are still under pressure while the U.S. is a bright spot. New Nike ad gets under the skin of many and they are burning their shoes in response. Plus – a look at some interesting news and a few stock ideas.


       2018-09-05  1h3m